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December 12, 2011


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A loud resounding Thank You for putting this together for the people. Many have expressed how much we have enjoyed visitingn each other's blogs onn a daily basis. I'm sure some new relationships were made. All in the spirit of Mary and what she stands for.
Life will continue, and sometimes we'll have stress or be feeling sad or ill. But a recall to these past 12 days will bring us back to a better time. I will try to keep this spirit alive throughout the year.
Peace and love to you dear friend. Thank you so much for your powerful words and your vision of hope and love.



Rebecca this has been a most inspiring experience for me. Thank you so for hosting. I look forward to next year and taking part as the Lord wills. Blessings at Christmas and all through the year.

Dawn Elliott

Walking on this journey with you everyday has been magical and inspiring at every turn. For me, there has grown a camaraderie like none before. Getting a glimpse into each other's memories and favorite aspects of all these Virgins has been profound, I believe, for all of us who traveled with you, and the rewards of this undertaking have been immeasureable. I see so much of Mary in you and how you live your life, Rebecca. My heartfelt thanks go out to you for all your undying effort and benevolence. Enjoy the celebration of Guadalupe!


Joining you from afar, Rebecca, in seeing the roses and love... So much have enjoyed following this celebration with you. :o) ((LOVE & LIGHT))

Sue Fox

This journey will be one to remember for a long time, heartwarming! I hope you are enjoying the finale of it all on your special Mary Day, that you have sweet rest from your endeavors, sitting back and relaxing awhile, until the next adventure!

Love Sue x


Thanks you so much for hosting this wonderful meme and for sharing your beautiful words and images with us. I'm sorry to see it come to an end, but maybe you'll do it again next year (I hope). All the best to you, Rebecca, and to all my fellow "pilgrims"!


Although I didn't post every day, or comment every day, I did manage to go around to everyones posts each day.
All the sharing, love, and openness has been nothing short of amazing. I am so thankful to have been even a small part of this journey. With overflowing heart I thank you all and wish Rebecca and everyone else Peace and Merry Christmas.


Thank you for the past 12 days...the journey has been a that will stay with me.

Merry Christmas
and a Blessed New Year.
Love, Lisa

Donna The Woodwife

Thank you Rebecca for all of it. This was a life changing event for me in that I found a fellow Mary person right here in my town. We have both had no one at all who was devoted to Mary until now. So we both thank you. You have started a new friendship that we would never have found without your Virgin a Day.

Many blessings on you always, Donna

Fran aka Redondowriter

We are roses in the snow. I like that. But on this particular day the one rose I have left blooming is in the rain. Your friend's photos of Our Lady of Guadalupe are magnificent. Thanks again for hosting our journey. For the second year the Virgin a Day brought new meaning to my advent. And how I've grown to love the folks I've never even met.

peggy gatto

Adding my thanks to you and others who gave such beauty .
I learned so much!
Wishing you all a Mary Christmas!


Thank you, Rebecca. These Mary days brought memories of taking bunches of flowers to the church on this day. My mother would dress us in white and we would buy the flowers from vendors all along the way to church.


A armful of gratitude for your immeasurable heart which you share with all of us, Rebecca.

Miss Robyn

done! thankyou xo


Just look at the magic you have inspired here!!!

much love to you...from not so sunny Florida!


thank you rebecca for doing this.. you are a blessing in itself...xoxo


my humble thanks to you
for this beautiful celebration.


Rebecca I don't have the words to tell you how grateful I am for having been a part of this journey for the second time.I look forward to many more! Your words are as beautiful as your pictures and you make my heart sing!!You my friend are like a rose in the snow and I am so fortunate to have stumbled upon your blog last year!I will be visiting you often!Brightest. Blessings!

Magical Mystical Teacher

Day has ended, and the chill of a winter's night has descended. However, my heart is warmed by all of today's offerings (although I'm going to miss this daily gathering). Thank you for making it possible, Rebecca!


dear rebecca,

i am so happy i was able to join in on this last day to at least visit. i was excited yesterday to find a virgin i had never seen or heard of before. i will leave it as a surprise for later when i return home. she also has her own prayer.

and so our time here ends but only as a formality. i know that many of us will continue to lift our prayers and desires to our Mother throughout this coming year. thank you again for the inspiration you pull from each of us as you lead us on our annual Marian quest.

The Rosary Lady

Rebecca, and everyone... thank you for sharing your hearts during this time. I look forward to next year!

Noelle Clearwater

I am reading your words again here and thinking back to the first time I came to this blog. You had written a mourning post for your dear friend, and I wrote a response. I didn't know how to make my way in and I was certain that this must be a very closed artistic and exclusive group of women. I saw your beautiful photographs and read your phenomenal words of comfort and sadness. And I realize now that it is really the perception of self that drives the sense of belonging or not belonging. I knew that there was something here that I wanted. So I came back, to try again--hoping that maybe, if I waited and got to know you better, you might see me for who I was and realize that we could indeed be friends. And then you came to my blog, you saw me, you truly saw me for all the beauty and soul that I was trying to offer in my own small way. You said, "Noelle, am I to understand that this blog is only 19 days old?! You have covered a lot of ground here. You've got me hook, line and sinker!" I have never forgotten that rebecca. I didn't even go back and read it. I remembered it word for word! Because when you feel that you belong for the first time, really belong, your heart remembers everything. "Remember My Heart." I will always remember yours my friend, always. Thank you for these twelve days together, and all the days hereafter.
All My Love,

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

I had to come back again to say, Rebecca my dear, you did it. I know running this meme every day for 12 days takes its toll on you, but she gave you the strength and found a way for you to do it. The outpouring of gratitude is amazing. What a deep and meaningful way to, "recuerda mi corazon".

Bohemian Valhalla

This is the most stunning Image of the Virgin of Guadalupe I have seen! Thank you for Hosting this amazing Virgin a Day Blog Challenge, I enjoyed participating even though I didn't make 12 days in a row.

Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

Magical Mystical Teacher

I woke up this morning looking forward to my "Mary fix"--and then I realised: it's over. No more fixes until next year. But the memories linger...and they are are you, Rebecca, our guide and inspiration. Thank you for taking us on this amazing journey!

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