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December 08, 2011


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Donna The Woodwife

I have no words for your words - your beautifully touching on going story.

Dawn Elliott

It seems that each time you visit our beloved Mexico, the Virgin's healing powers continue to wash over you and make you stronger. Thank you for sharing your intimate story with us and giving us all a taste of the devine.


I always wondered...I just thought it was a beautiful name for a blog...What a perfectly magical story, it's no wonder you glow. ♥♥♥


Your story gave me chills, and your images are—as ever—simply beautiful.


This is an over whelming story - so gently written your words as passionate as the space between breath. Thank you for sharing your heart!

And I assume that the hand that painted these is you - stunning!

xxxx L

Ms. Moon

And you have spread that light with such love.
Thank-you, Rebecca. Always. Con amor.

Noelle Clearwater

This compassionate, radiant, and transcendent union of perfect understanding with Our Lady of which you speak could not have taken place anywhere or any time other than when a mother and daughter were perfectly asleep together, side by side. The reason for your having abandoned the temporal world--at that moment, and in your heart continually--for this warm, vital, heart ~ opening and most sacred of connections could never be made clearer than in this, one great flush of rose-infused awakening, this healing and sense of great belonging. In a radiant rose-infused light of love that filled the thirsty and darkened cells of your former days, you were given a commission, a holy task to remember the heart of a sacred mother and to nurture and love a people whom she loved dearly--all of them, like you dear girl "the perfect,the frail, the whole and the broken, the transcended and the trespassed" simply looking for Love and Belonging. Your gifts to Mary here are radiantly beautiful. I remember the crown, it shines in my heart. I had not recalled the tray and I was glad to see it. It is marvelous to behold.
All my love,
Noelle xoxo


Dear Rebecca I have never read anything so profound and touching except words written by one of the saints. You have the soul of a saint. I feel blessed to have met you through this meme. Nameste "The God in me embraces the God in you when we are in that blessed state of grace."

Sue Fox

Your story is emblazoned on my heart forever!

Sue x

Hettienne Grobler

Namaste! I also consider myself deeply blessed to have come across this blog, this meme and you, dear Rebecca

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

So moving. So profound. So deep. Tears of joy to my eyes, a swelling in my heart. A wee bit of envy in that I would want to experience that too. But, I believe and I will recuerda mi corazon. Yes. I will and spread the love, the word.

Carol (artmusedog)

Creative photography and lovely icons of Our Lady ~ and wondrous writing ~ so loving and divine ~ Managed to feel a bit better and post ~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

The Rosary Lady

Bless you Rebecca! This one left me speechless, but with tears of joy.
Thank you my cyber friend.

Fran aka Redondowriter

No wonder you have such a love of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the divine feminine. And now I know why your blog is called what it is. But even more, I now understand where your compassion, love, your gifts of creativity, of words, your ability to gather people to your heart, comes from.


We will also remember.


Thank you for sharing that beautiful story with us. A perfect vision. I am speechless and in total awe. Experiences like this happen for a reason, you seem to have gotten the understanding of what this one means and are using it to create more Peace. Just wonderul. Thank you.


Miss Robyn

I have had similar miracles happen to me, but oh to put them into words like this. I am in awe.

I tried to stay up as late as I could last night to be able to link to this.. but I was tired.. so here I am late again.. but I am here xo

Miss Robyn

oh you linked me! - here i was thinking there was another Robyn.. and it was me.. thankyou, thankyou xoxo

Queenie Believe

Awesome doesnot begin to describe.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Janie Mills

The heart has its own memory, like the mind. And in it, we enshrine the precious keepsakes.
Bless you in your making,


oh Rebecca!

I want to participate...I am so very busy with LIFE!

I offer an old virgin, the best kind:)

I will be traveling all next week and hope to be able to sit on my hotel bed and visit all the amazing contributions!


Your beautiful words soften my busy heart into a quiet place where I can hear the communion of saints in all of us.Thank you.


Rebecca, thank you for your lovely post ....

Mama Zen

This is breathtakingly beautiful.

peggy aplSEEDS

wow! i just found your site and i'm trying to figure out how to follow you! beautiful!


Utterly beautiful! &hearts ;


oh, Rebecca.
I'm going to read this again in a more quiet time.

so much love to you always.
( I'll email soon, promise)

Laura Hegfield

so beautiful Rebecca... I have felt this form of healing connection with the Holy One of Blessing, the ONENESS, the love, compassion, acceptance of all of my broken whole-holiness... it is not something one ever forgets.

thank you for sharing this experience with us.

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