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December 01, 2011


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Donna The Woodwife

This is truly a beautiful thing to do and be a part of - thank you Rebecca!!

Noelle Clearwater

Good morning dear rebecca! What I love about you and your Mary posts is that they are always heart-opening. You are a purveyor of peace, compassion and greater understanding during a season when bigger, better and more expensive is always touted to be the more desireable. Thank you for being here.
Love xoxo,


Noelle has written so eloquently how I feel as this season of consuming I am looking inward to the Goddess and light in us all.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Oh, boy. Our Lady is here. Off to work so can't post until later, but I'll be back.

Carol (artmusedog)

Rebecca ~ so grateful and glad to be part of this celebration ~ although some of my photos will not be as conventional as I see "Our Lady" in everyone and everywhere ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)


What a blessing that I visited Meri this morning and found you. Mary has been so important in our lives that I am so pleased to be doing a special celebration in her honor. I will start with this Mary I have near me every day and the prayer I say in memory of my mother each day.

Dawn Elliott

You have the best Virgin images of all time! I love your awesome lamp-pulls and enjoy mine every day. I'm delighted that you're hosting A Virgin a Day...but regret that I will be leaving for Palo Alto tomorrow and will not get to participate fully. I look forward to catching up with you and the other participants upon my return.


So beautiful!!
Thanks for hosting this Rebecca, I look forward to getting to all the links and soaking it all in.


you have such a beautiful heart, miss rebecca...i am grateful i found you through stephanie and elizabeth...thank you for keeping such a warm hearth and open door in blogland...


and i think your soldered pieces are beautiful...

Sue Fox

Yes I totally agree with Noelle, Mr Linky wasn't up this morning before I left, coming back to this 'home' after the brash Christmas shopping frenzy everyone seems to be engaged in is such a welcome relief to just 'be' with the real spirit of peace.

Sue x


Hi Rebecca,
I shall certainly be visiting to look. I love images of Mary, there are so many beautiful ones. x


This is a lovely idea, Rebecca—and I'm happy to be able to share some of the many images of Mary that I've shot, mostly in Italy.
(Can't do 12 days of this on my blog, so I'm linking back to flickr.)


Love in all languages.
Thank you

peggy gatto

I am so glad I didn't miss this event!!!
I look forward to sharing Marys!

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

Hail Rebecca, our most gracious host! Thank you for taking time (and to everyone) from your busy life to stop and honor Mary.
December is here faster than I can think! Looking forward to seeing what everyone else has posted.


does the laundry,

xox - eb.


I am so happy to be a part of this once again!All the posts are so great to read and feast the eyes upon.Thank you for making this possible dear rebecca!


I look forward to checking in here and elsewhere! I'm not going to participate on my own blog, but I know that I'll love all of these!

Bohemian Valhalla

Thank you for Hosting such a wonderful Celebration to pay Homage to the Blessed Mother!

Christmas Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


This is such a wonderful project, Rebecca... all those Mary pendants are gorgeous and love-inspiring. :o) I look forward to taking the Mary Trail with you here as often as I can. Blessings ((Love & Light)

Nike Free Run shoes

forward to taking the Mary Trail with you here as often as I can. Blessings ((Love & Light)

karen gerstenberger

What a great idea. I love dear Mother Mary. You are such an inspiration and a light.

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