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December 02, 2011


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may your day be bright and shining with love!

Kim Mailhot

Your morning celebrations of the Virgin warm the Soul, Lovely One.

Light and love to you !

deb taylor

Oh Rebecca...I am so happy you and MaryAnn connected! She is such a kindred Spirit..I knew she could be here with us. Thank you.


There are certainly many very talented artists out there. This piece by Casey is exquisite! I would love to see it up close.
I forgot aboput haiku My Heart. I'm going mto go back and add one to my Virgin a Day post right now!
Love you rebecca. This is such fun and very satisfying.

Peace in your heart my dear friend


Blogposts, virgins, haiku's and even snow... this day is going to be a perfect one! (Glad your computer is back up and running Rebecca!)

Sue Fox

Virgins and Haiku, which camp do I belong in I wonder! I'm all of a 'tis-was!

Both me thinks ;~)

Sue x

Donna The Woodwife

Wow I had just written to a friend who feels slightly lost that Mary would light her way. And then here is your beautiful painting and words!! May Mary light the way for us all.

Anthony North

Beauty is best when simple, I find.

Dawn Elliott

Waking to the blanket of pristine snow is a blessing in itself, no? I love your morning's offering and will do what I can to stay tuned while I'm away. It's such a beautiful way to start each day!


Dear One,
i am pulling
from old travels
to find my virgin this day!

thank you
for proving
such an amazing venue
for sharing.

{{ shine on }}


I am having the best time visiting all of the beauty that is Mary♥♥♥

Noelle Clearwater

Crystalline beauty and light. It is a transformative experience just to look at this image rebecca. She is like pure driven snow and angel fire. Simply beautiful and your words are like a heavenly carol around it. Such golden tones. She is a wonder. Thank you for sharing this with us on this lovely second morning with a haiku like a sweet hymn.


Mary Ann's work is beautiful! (And—oops—I first put my Mary with the haiku by mistake, or I probably should say:
It was my mistake
I did not pay attention
Please forgive—Mary would


What a great way to start the day, Thanks for sharing Mary Anns art. Each post I go to........amazing!
(sorry, I too put my link in the wrong place)

Fran aka Redondowriter

Lord, you have snow already but when you write about it, it sounds magical, heavenly. I love Mary Ann Casey's madonna and child. Thanks for sharing it. I hope today finds you brimming with energy and joy.


sooo wonderful it is to share all of this...i goofed and left my mark on the haiku section by accident...i am also having trouble getting in to comment on everyone's blogs...something to do with my google account...xo hope you have a wonderful weekend and thank you for doing this.

peggy gatto

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

oooops!!! I didn't realize there was TWO places to sign in and I ended up signing in for both! Sorry to disappoint the haiku hunters! I hope they forgive me....


Thank you for featuring Mary Ann's work. Such a beautiful Madonna.


My heart is overflowing with all of this and the beauty all around.

Queenie Believe

Stay warm, I understand the high country is all snowed in.
I'm so enjoying the 12 days of Mary.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

elizabeth bunsen

in honeyed LIGHT...

xox - eb.


i love this painting, and the light you shine...

Magical Mystical Teacher

I'm dizzy with all these wondrous images!

elizabeth bunsen

a warm lady awaits...

xox - eb.


Rebecca I haven't written haiku in years and today,thanks to you I did!loving the Mary's and inspiring words!Thank you!

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