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December 11, 2011


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Miss Robyn

first! and then I am off to bed.. will back to read others tomorrow

Rebecca - I have loved every Mary you have shared. I am in love with her more than ever and she is closer than ever before. thankyou for being holder of this space for us all to share and to come closer to Our Mother.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Unexpected grace is always best, don't you think? :)


Yes Rebecca, it is a beautful journey. And it has encouraged me to keep at it at a time when my recovering body wants me to sit on a lounge chair. I felt every day like i was doing some good, honoring my mother, my sister, my own daughters and women everywhere. Of course the message of peace, one that I most proud, eminates throughout as well. Thank You are not strong enough words to tell you how I feel about your efforts and the efforts of the participants.


Sue Fox

I am so happy to have been here on the 'Mary Train', infused with light and love of all those who joined this incredible journey that started a long time ago ~ 'Recuerda mi Corazon'.

Love Sue x

Hettienne Grobler

Dear Rebecca, what an incredible blessing this on-line experience has been : an opportunity to be part of a Mary commune and cloister in the world; such wonderful outpourings of love and peace and compassion. thank you thank you thank you

Donna The Woodwife

Yes Rebecca this has been truly amazing and I have gained so very much from this including a new friend in my home town that I didn't know was here. We will now be sharing Mary's and Mary stories thanks to you!! We know of no other Mary people in town so we were meant to find each other!!

Thank you and bless you.

Dawn Elliott

Grace, comfort, sharing, and beauty...I think all of us who participated have come away with a sense of all these things, as well. Thank you for leading us on such and awesome journey, Rebecca!

Carol (artmusedog)

Rebecca ~ thank you for this wonderful 11 day journey and one to go ~ may you experience the peace and blessings of 'Our Lady' each day ~~ thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) Happy AVAD

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

It is an amazing journey full of unexpected surprises. I know it takes its toll on you since it requires posting and managing the links/blog everyday and visiting everyone. But, I have extreme gratitude in being able to participate in this and the fact that we all took the time to fill our lives with grace and love in this manner.


Wow! I am #11 on the 11th day...
something magical about that.

This has been the holiest of journeys.
Thank you Rebecca for sharing yourself and your time with all of us.

Noelle Clearwater

dear rebecca,
I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this journey with you. For me, it has been a heart-opening, soul connecting experience. Christmas time is always very difficult for me. I have no family here and feel quite alone during the holidays, but you have strung a rosary of friendship here from beads of various personalities and nationalities in the common desire to honor the Madonna and all women whose courage, acceptance and sacrifice, like hers are life changing for so many. Thank you for all that you do and who you are to me and to everyone here.
Much Love,


she'd made up her mind, with a firm jaw yet compassion in her eyes, she set out to do what she knew she had wanted to do, as was her way.. thank you for the invitation!


Another beautiful Virgin—and I love the way she's been adorned! I too have enjoyed this little "pilgrimage" immensely and will be so sorry to see it come to a close tomorrow. Thank you, Rebecca!


I anticipated heart warming connections with friends here. It has been that and so much more. What I did not expect was
a deeper affection & connection with the sacred heart.

Fran aka Redondowriter

It has been a wonderful journey, Rebecca. How gracious you have been as our moderator. Your virgin, weathered as she is, is so beautiful, so expressive. Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday.

peggy gatto

"re-baptised" by a blog, never thought this would happen.
It did!
Thank you!


Thank YOU Rebecca for creating this opportunity to come together and share something, or rather someone, we all love! I have been feeling so peaceful, so hopeful! Thank you dear one!

lyle baxter

rebecca, you do do the most interesting things. I was surprised at the number of different Virgin versions I have seen on your blog. thank you for getting everyone to get out their favorite!


Rebecca... this has been an awesome experience and it got my feet wet in blogland... look forward to staying connected... peace and love...

Adriana Esqueda

Beautiful close up pictures.


It's a beautiful idea to feature the Virgin in art on our blogs. I'm late to the party, but will participate as best I can.

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