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November 03, 2011


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Miss Robyn

oh a Virgin a Day.. that is when I first stumbled upon you.. is it a year already?
I love you Rebecca, for who you are and what you bring to my life, I am blessed and very grateful xo

Magical Mystical Teacher

How inspiring to see my words on your blog! Much love to you always, Rebecca! XXOOXXOXOX

Kim Mailhot

Your celebrations of this precious life are always so beautiful, Rebecca. What amazing gifts you bring to this world.
I love your beautiful heart !

Fran aka Redondowriter

Count me in, Rebecca. I went to the link but the comments were from last year. Should I leave a comment there as well as here?

So glad you are posting and I'll fit haiku in sometime today.


I'm so excited about The Virgin Days coming up. This will be the one year anniversary of discovering your beautiful blog and all the wonderful doorways you have lead me through.


hey my dear Rebecca!

What a pleasure it was having you near me in the golden candle light of dia de bloglandia...thank you so much for hosting with me. Your beautiful words inspire and enlighten and I am grateful for them and for you.

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