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November 22, 2011


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deb taylor

I celebrate this life with you Rebecca. This is such a sacred beautiful moment to share with you. I wish to hug you right now, hold you and be warmed,,,I am tossing away my apron and going outside to play!

Kim Mailhot

With you in this heart of the moment, Beautiful One.
I love you, my friend.

Queenie Believe

Wow this is an amazing tribute to all the embodies autumn. I'm in love with all the imagery.
Have a great day!
Always, Queenie


You always amaze me.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Beauty Full! Rebecca!! I won't be joining in posting a VIRGIN A DAY unless I get some miracles, like time to shop for a computer(YOU must not have read all of my post, I'm using my daughter's pc) and with all the stress of moving, I will be here in SPIRIT though!! Your posts are like a breath of fresh air!!! Thank YOU!!xooxoXOXOXOOXO!


Gorgeous, simply gorgeous. Both the words and the pictures.

For some reason those frost bitten leaves make me thirsty. Want to reach into the screen and lick that luscious dew right off them...simply enchanting post!


Dearest rebecca,
You give me a reason to go on, to wake up and face a new day, knowing that there is so much beauty to be seen and heard and felt out there in this bright and perfect world. Thank you for the blessing of frost covered leaves and frozen rosebud prayerbeads. Thank you for the apron of forgiving, the bowl of present, and the enormous slice of letting go. Beautiful...


Cinda Rae Oliverio

AhhhHHHHH! I came back to inhale all this beauty here before I go to bed! SWEET DREAMS Darling!


you wreck me
you break my heart
with each gilded word
with each choreographed phrase
I stumble to the threshold
of each thought
each vision of BEauty
did you burn your toast?

I love you darling Muse,

xox - eb.


Wow Rebecca that is an amazing Poem. Thank you.


That frosty reminder...of who is in charge, is always a good lesson for letting go.

There is beauty here of course, that cold brittle frost.

Hope your home fires are burning brightly.



you keep on doing it. making me breathless with your beauty. i want to stand there with you, stretching leafless branches heavenward, placing my fingers on those bright red beads of life.

(as for the gallows humor - it was more apt than you know. more in an e-mail ;)


Lovely poetic thoughts.
Hope you are enjoying warm coziness with those you love. Happy Thanksgiving.

Ramesh Sood

One of the most delightful poems these.. what joy and happiness has filled my heart here in this moment... I am sure expression on my face because of this moment can be painted and titled Purest of Joys.. a gift from Rebecca...




Reading your words and seeing your wonderful photos is such a joy Rebecca! I am a big fan of the black birds... great shots. I also love the roses, with their icy frosting!

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