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November 15, 2011


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Dear Spadoman,

How could I not pray for you, my friend? I hold you and your beloved wife close to my heart. May the healing light dispel every trace of darkness. May new strength course through your body. May you know joy despite the uncertainty. May you, like that character in the New Testament, take up your bed and walk!



deb taylor

Dear Joe....I am holding you in my heart...harder than ever right now. Lighting extra candles and weaving strong threads of hope, healing and health for you.

Kim Mailhot

You and your family are in my prayers, my Friend. Sending waves of light and love to you and your beautiful heart.


Dear Joe,
I join Rebecca in sending you light and healing prayers.

be well my friend

Ramesh Sood

Dear Spadoman,

May you be fully alive every moment on this beautiful planet...where everything comes a full circle...May peace fill your heart and light of prayers heal your body...let your heart and soul glow with goodness and kindness that you have been spreading all around...May God listen to all the prayers...and let this place continue to shine with your presence..


Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

The circle of light and prayers continues to grow and surround you with healing energy.
Stay with us, my friend! We need you.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

dear rebecca, thank you for bringing us together in the prayer circle.


I do not know you, Joe, but your friend Rebecca's words of you and your grace touch my heart. I will bow my head and pray for you -- for comfort, for love, for healing.


Dear friend Spadoman
May this darkness pass fleetingly away!! Trust Lord will help me to lighten your burdens, through my simple prayer!! I am reminded by every flower that grows that there is no limit to His love!!


Dear Joe - just a few comments from you on my haiku-posts made me feel I found a friend for life. Now that you are in need, my heart goes out to you and your loved ones. I ask the rain to wash away your pain, I ask the sunshine to comfort you with her warmth, I send healing thoughts on the wind your way. I'm thinking of you my friend!

Sue Fox

Dear Joe, please feel the intensity in my heart right now, you are as close as my next breath, I'm breathing in deep healing energy and sending it to you. The closeness of this circle is a very precious thing, we are all here for you in strong unity, feel our love and comforting thoughts dear friend, to both of you.

Ms foxy x


Dearest Joe,
It is very late as I write this and I have just finished a post for you.

I ask that the One who is Love and Compassion, who knows the Wounding of all our hearts, and the deepest secrets of our souls be with you this night and always. I Affirm that with each breath you are Restored to greater health. I Call Upon the Great Spirit to guide you and strengthen your resolve to come back whole and well to the arms of your family and the love and comfort of your circle of friends. May you rise up on the Wings of an Eagle, Joseph and May the Eagle's Feather be found near your hospital room as a sign to let you know that all will be well.


What a beautiful post.
And what a loving, powerful thing I get to be a part of.
Rebecca, thank you for that.

The circle of love and power of prayer will carry you. It already has-- and will continue, no doubt. Better angels, spirits of healing peace are with you and yours. Rest, heal...... And know how very, very loved you well and truly are.


Thank you Rebecca for letting me know that Joe is in need of positive thoughts and good wishes : )
Dear Joe
I am sending you as much positive and serene force possible .. positive to bring you back to good health .. serene force to make you as comfortable and peaceful to endure what ever may be happening right now for you.
You are a thoughtful wonderfully GOOD soul on this earth and you deserve to be cared for with great love and good wishes from the many friends you have made.
You WILL get through what ever you have to.
We are NOT going to let go of you : )


Hey Joe, hang in there. We aren't done yet. There's too much to wonder at and dream of. And you are not alone. I am there in the circle of family and friends surrounding you and offering up our thanks for you and asking for your healing. Be well.


Rebecca, thank you for getting in touch and for posting this very beautiful tribute.

Dear Joe,
You know you've been in my thoughts and prayers these past weeks. I will always hold your heart in deep friendship and look forward to meeting you and Barb in person when you come to visit the Maritimes next year. Get well soon.
Love and Peace


oh my
dear PEACE man...

can you feel the strong prayers
circling you?
i think

here is hoping...


thank you, rebecca, for your beautiful post, and for calling my attention to a fellow sojourner who is in need. i left my messsage for joe over at his place. joining in your prayers for him, this morning...


Dear Joe, please be strong if you can... Prayers and healing thoughts for you Spadoman. I have you and your family in my heart...


Dear Mr. Spadoman,
sending you healing thoughts
and joining Rebecca
in this circle of love...
BE well my friend,
xox - eb.


such a beautiful post Rebecca
the dream catcher gathering
love and light
for our friend
the sage smoke
moving skyward...
the honeyed light,
thank you
for your dream catcher heart...

xox - eb.


i do not know joe, but from all the kind words i read of him here and on other's sites, i can feel his far reaching strength. am sending healing strength on whips of sage from across the pond.


Joining the circle with a healing prayer for a speedy recovery.


How blessed this world is to have someone like you watching out for all of us. Your words are always like prayers, so powerful. I'm sure your friend Spadoman must be feeling nurtured and loved and very comforted by them, and I'm blessed to be able to send him my small light too.

Miss Robyn

I don't know him - but a prayer is being said here in Australia for him and his name will be on my altar tomorrow when I light my healing candle x

Gloria Y

However things go, they go for the good if you're involved,Spadoman. To share in yet another moment of witness and waiting for the next wondrous turn on this journey with you is an honor, a treat, a blessing, no matter how harrowing the ride. You are whole, wholly wonderful and fully supported by all of us. Thank you for everything you bring, each and every moment, by just being, Spadoman. Whenever you're ready, we're waiting for the new adventure of Spadoman. (I'm still keeping my eye on you, Brother) :)


Sending my good wishes for Joe Rebecca. x

sharon furner

To a dear dear friend, with a heart full of love and compassion. I was first drawn to your beautiful photographs, full of rays of hope, a spiritual essence. Then I read your words, whispered prayers for your dear Mr. Spadoman. Next I read others heartfelt wishes, which of course led me to Mr. S. himself. How blessed you are to reach out to your many friends of your blog and ask for their prayers and blessings upon your friend. This is "humanness at its finest hour."

Five months ago my husband had open heart surgery...and oh, my, how I wish I had sent words of compassion out to others....that they might add their prayers on his behalf. But it never occurred to me. You have taught me an important lesson. Never be afraid to ASK?

Mr. Spadoman will get well...he will live long and help others...his walk on this earth is not over. Thank you. Sharon

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