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November 26, 2011


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Lovely thoughts, words and images from you and Noelle. Thank you Rebecca. x


deep breath
taking a little break
a pause
a small gift
of slowing
pausing here
soaking up this beauty

xox - eb.


Dearest rebecca,
I came home to see this. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes at your loving thoughtfulness. I don't need any other gift. This is enough for me. Thank you.
All my love,

Sue Fox

You shed your light on a shining light, and suddenly a whole galaxy of stars appear!

Sue x

Ramesh Sood

Rebecca.. This is so beautiful.. Renee has captured it so well and you have added to the delight.. I can only thank you so much for this post.. In fact I have given myself a gift.. have a look at my let me know if you liked it..

Account Deleted

Beautiful haiku and lovely image indeed:)

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