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November 27, 2011


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deb taylor

oh to dance in your sunlight under these green feathers alongside you would be Heavenly. We are finally chasing some winter light here in Texas after a rainstorm and cool front!


Sunlight is streaming through the trees and into my windows right now. Love how trees and light play together.So lovely thank you rebecca.

Ms. Moon

Following the light takes me here, rebecca. Always.

Sue Fox

I cannot resist the company of you for your light shines far and wide and brightens the day of all who walk this way!

Sue x


in this light
this paradisaical LIGHT
I am walking with you...

xox - eb.

Ramesh Sood

This is lovely.. in my morning walks, I often touch or sometimes even hug trees.. for me they give great lessons of life.. the fundamental one being that of remaining in touch with ones roots..with feet firmly on the ground.. an enlightening poem this.. well Rebecca thanks for inviting me here.. I have linked my post..

Fran aka Redondowriter

I just got back from a weekend in Ojai but had to stop by and tell you how exquisite this post is, Mary Oliver's poem is, and how stunning these photos are. I'll gather my wits and post a few photos before bedtime.


How the light in these images beguiles... As does Mary Oliver's word too, every beguiling and magical... *sigh*...Happy Day, Rebecca ((HUGS))


ah... you always get me at the exact right time with Mary Oliver .
and light.
and your giving soul...

love to you Rebecca


Through your blog I feel that we walk together. Trees shade our way casting shadows. We each have stories for the shadows and the light. Sometimes our stories coincide as the willingness to open envelopes the moment. On the day my mother transitioned I sat in front of my house. Leaves from the ash trees fell as if time slowed to the pace of another world. A message from afar.


thank you, dear you, for this beautiful gift.

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