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November 13, 2011


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Ms. Moon

I love YOU.


and I love you too! My heart skipped a beat when the first image loaded. I am over the top immersed in monarch's at the moment. Thank you or synchronistic one :)


Magical Mystical Teacher

I share your loves, Rebecca!


Such tender thoughts from your sweet heart... I too share all of your loves.
I've been thinking of you every single day with excitement! Today I whiffed the biggest bouquet of pink roses. You are so right they hold a fragrance of believing and compassion.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I love all the things you love, too, Rebecca, only I don't have such spectacular photos to prove it. I write instead today of a very memorable rainy wedding yesterday, which was another form of paradise for the bride and groom, family and friends. Love conquers all!


Your heart language is one I understand, Rebecca... And these lovely images make the heart sing! The butterfly dazzles and inspires for my 40th birthday gift next year--a butterfly tattoo. ;o) Happy Days ((Love & Light))


I soar when I read your beautiful words and my eyes delight in the images you offer. Your heart is felt near and far. Have a beautiful day.


i love you.


Beautiful! I love Monarchs too. I once went out and found our small peach tree laden down by hundreds of monarchs. By the time I went in and got the camera and got back out, they were gone. A moment's rest in their migration? But a magical moment that will always be with me, and brought to me anew by your lovely images and words! Thank you!


i found myself thinking of the bird in your post, yesterday afternoon. i meant to ask you what kind of bird he is? i've never seen one like that before, and he is so very handsome. is he some kind of woodpecker?


drinking in
your BEauty
warming me
with your kindness
and love...

xox - eb.

sharon furner

Yes, I adore morning also. I can hardly wait to awaken. If I were to wake to such a beautiful morning rising as your photograph portrays, I would probably never sleep. This one image will last in my mind for a very long time. warmly: sharon

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