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November 06, 2011


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Magical Mystical Teacher

On my walk this morning, I saw the ice--and smelled the fire coming from a handful of distant dwellings. It was all heavenly--as are your photos!

Cinda Rae Oliverio

Hello Dearheart!!! Just checking in for a second or two!! How are YOU?!! I still don't have a computer, just using my daughter's laptop on the week-ends sometimes!!! I LOVE the CROW, the SNOW covered chair and the CAT jumping!!! hehe soOOOOoo cute and it sure made me chuckle!! I'm going to be LOOKING for a bargain for a new computer the holidays soOOOOo until then keep yourself SWEET as always! Love and prayers for YOU and YOURS! and HI! to everyone else!! xo, Cinda aka Turquoise CRO

Karen Gerstenberger

Such glorious photos - thank you for taking us into your world!


Oh to stay in bed on a chilly morning. Love that you got up to capture these images. Keep warm and bright as always.

Sue Fox

What a surprise the snow and a lovely word from Cinda all in the same post! Yes we do need each other, especially when the cold winds chill, it's so comforting to be wrapped up in each other's love.

As ever I'm enchanted by your words, lovely images too!

Sue x


oh! you have snow...beautiful this fire and ice. I came to see what you have gathered not intending to leave a link but I am enjoying the calm before the next storm.


Fran aka Redondowriter

On this first day of standard time (aargh!), I awoke to rain -- and it's cold, but not cold enough for snow and ice. Your words and your photos are magical. Everything you write, Rebecca, is prose poetry. I hope you have a book in the works!


I love the sunflowers wrapped in frost, as though they were waiting for the first thaw to be bright and cheerful once again. The images of Jackson are simply wonderful. He has a beautiful face and the capture of him jumping is marvelous! And the ravens! Such a close up of these divine creatures! The iron gate and the distressed wooden chair all covered in frost. It is simply lovely, rebecca. Your narrative draws it all together and leaves the soul filled yet with a sense of wonder.


"how trees so suddenly stripped bare never stop reaching
forever upward....
by nightfall empty arms; first graced to don a thousand stars. "

"oh this life,
such a baptism of fire and ice."

yes. sometimes i struggle and fight so hard against the "what is," that i forget. thank you for helping me to remember that in surrendering i open the way for the starlight...

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