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November 20, 2011


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Crows and Mary Oliver's words both speak to me. When I lived in Prescott some years ago I developed a friendship with the mysterious beauty and quirkiness of ravens and crows.I talk to them all of the time too. LOL. There are my totem animal.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this Sunday Post Rebecca!! YOU know how I LOVE the crows!! They are soOOOOoooO Beauty Full to me!!! I just saw your comments this morning and will be sure to visit Spadoman!!I awoke to crows CAWWWWWing in the distance, a comforting sound to me as I have loved crows ever since a child! God Bless Everyone!!!


I love this - crows AND Mary Oliver...

xox - eb.


oh oh oh
I have not read this Mary Oliver poem before
it is wonderful
I too
walk and talk with the crows...

Happy Sunday,
xox - eb.

Cinda Rae Oliverio

THANK YOU!!! dear SWEET woman! Death of my mother, I still cannot believe she is gone from this Earth! I am lucky and blessed to have her as long as I did! I still have the urge to call her and then heartbreak again, knowing she's not there to answer. We must pray for the dead as well as the living, always remembering them with LOVE!! Thank YOU! for this post once again, it is like a healing balm for my heart!!!As I said I awoke to their cawwwwwing this morning and it was to my great SURPRISE, crows were everywhere on your post!!! Do they live near by, do YOU call them your crows?!! hehe May GOD BLESS YOU and EVERYONE!

Cinda Rae Oliverio

O! and if those Beauty Full crows live near by and are YOURS, I'll probably be begging for YOU to send me some CROW pics! when I do move! hehe

Sue Fox

When we moved here we inherited the crow family, at first they used to wake us early chipping at our newly painted windows. We have fed them over the years, they have accepted us and we would hate to be without them.

All sorts in paradise,

Sue x

Ramesh Sood

How beautiful..lovely poem and magical crows..become alive through your words...
Thank You!!

Dawn Elliott

Such a delightful view of crows that spans the seasons...and touches my heart. I love those magical black beauties! Wonderful shots, as well!


It is a lovely thing that you have done. Crows are wise birds and full of beauty and magic. I think that they are especially healing and wise for those who need a Way Into the world. I hope that Cinda is heart is healed by your loving thoughts as we hold her in ours.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Not everyone likes crows--my neighbor, for instance. She shoos them away every chance she gets. I wonder what magical messages she's missing by making the crows take flight...

deb taylor

loving this Cro revival...I love you too my Love


So glad I caught this Rebecca and was able to catch up with Cinda and learn of her mother's passing. God's blessings to you for what you do keeping us connected like this.

Kim A.

Love to you too and your link joy ....

xoxo, k

Fran aka Redondowriter

Any time anyone posts Mary Oliver, a favorite poet, I'm alert--and I was not disappointed. Crows--fascinate me, but they can also be very mischievous--and smart. My dad had one for a pet when he was a kid and he said he taught him to talk. Cro. I wasn't sure who this was at first as Cro is an acronym used in various business settings. And then I remembered Turquoise Cro and I visited her. Thanks for a post today that reminded me of gratitude.

mary ann casey

it seems i have have a new circle of friends. thank you all for thoughts and openness. I look forward to getting to know you all.


linking belatedly...

the mary oliver is a treasure.

"i don't remember the fury of loneliness.

i never felt the wind's drift.

i never heard of the struggle between anything and nothing."

there WILL be a day, when we are so fully encompassed by LOVE and LIGHT that all the fury and bite of every bitter winter will be forever replaced by summer's undying JOY. in the meantime, we keep watch for the whispers of glory that are hidden, like bright treasures, for every searching heart...

Queenie Believe

Beautiful post! Crows are such mystifying birds.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


Mary Oliver... she is my poetic mentor, though she doesn't know that, of course... ;o) Her poetry speaks so deeply to me--her gift is special magic. I don't recall this poem though...must go check my books. LOVE your images that accompany these words, Rebecca...these are also magic! In my little paradise today--the surprise of a few cedar wax wings feasting on the last of the pears hanging on the tree in the yard before heading off to their wintry retreat. I feel blessed for having seen them a moment. Happy Week :o) ((Love & Light))


Hi there, I thought I was quite clever but just had to google the whole post makes sense. I'll write you a postcard from Paradise next time I'm there ;)

Love Charlotte x


I can't tell you how much I adore crows. And I adore your wonderful photographs too. It's not easy to catch these jesters.

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