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November 07, 2011


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Karen Gerstenberger

oh, many beautiful images here. I can't tell you just how your words have touched me - it's too deep & wide - but they have. Thank you.

Kim Mailhot

So beautiful. A soul mumuration...I will remember this phrase forever I think.
Thank you for the gifts to give, lovely Rebecca.
Light and love, my friend.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I had never heard the word murmuration before, but when I watched the video and then realized those were birds, I was amazed. I actually saw this on TV this weekend on some news broadcast. Your words about Frida's ashes and a soul murmuration were amazing.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Awesome! Your words and the video. I've never seen anything like it before.

Just today I was remembering a man I was in love with...when my fingers traced up and down his body, I heard music. My memory was almost vivid enough to recreate it.

Sue Fox

Sometimes here in the UK we do get to witness this phenomena and you are struck with awe! These beautiful swirlings of appreciation for life and it's abundance fills me this morning via your words and murmuration.

Sue x


the way the world works
it's magic
is such a True Wonder!


i had found this link--
by happenstance--
to the video above
a few days ago...

watched it lovingly
with Amazement Sublime
at least 3 times
then lost the link...


NOW here...


i am learning this
more & more about life:
how things will come
if i do not fret...

{{ this part--->
'''a soul ballet
of a life well lived.'''
me feel
High On Life
i so Get It... }}


How lovely. I can only pray my ashes will be released so magically to the wind!


Murmuration, I've never heard that word before and after seeing this vimeo I won't forget. Amazing, it's as if this short video just entered my body filling it with the vibrations of the birds and the quiet gasping sound of the two ladies in the boat. As I said, I've never heard the word murmuration before, but if that's what murmuration feels like, I want more. Excellent post as well Rebecca. Very touching.


a murmeration...yes! this is of the variety of magical miracles I alluded to in my post. I held my breath throughout this entire video...

and your beautiful telling of the releasing of your grandmothers ashes..again holding my breath.



i just saw that video yesterday and my little people and i watched in pure awe and delight. what powerful and beautiful words you have scripted to accompany it here.


Soul mumuration...that is such a lovely phrase, Rebecca... And your words like a prayer. I find sound an amazing healer, expression and art, and fascinated where it comes from and how it is manifest. I must go back and watch the video again. ;o) Happy Day ((Love & Light))


Rebecca, thank you for that intimate sharing. What a lovely tribute to your Grandmother ... a soul ballet. Your words are so often a ballet.

We have Starlings here too. The first time I saw it I thought I was seeing a phenomenon that no one else in the world had ever was breathtaking. But now I am happy to know they come every year and thousands of people come to marvel at them.

You are a marvel too. Peace to you, Rebecca.


i am crying over this tapestry of word and image - my words are inadequate. can i just quote yours back to you?

"perhaps a prayer

becomes a tendril of smoke rising from a bright flame

the plume of hope twirling

so that it too makes a soul migration

never settling until it

is a cocoon round each and every heart. "


Ah, a soul ballet presented to us, your readers in this offering. Thank you for dancing through my morning, Rebecca. xxo

Dawn Elliott

As someone who gets excited about seeing rainbows and rings around the moon, I must say that that was most magical and dramatic thing I've ever seen...could you imagine viewing that in real life??? It's such a moving tribute to your dear grandmother and the wanderings of her soul...WOW!

Kim Mailhot

I have watched this video at least 10 times and still feel the thrill, the awe of this...and yes, its connection ot the murmuration of souls...
Much love and joy light to you, Beautiful One !


Awesome video Rebecca and such beautiful words... I love the ballet of the starlings - wondrous indeed!


What a magnificent video the beauty in their "dance" lifts the spirits and causes one to wish she could soar with them. Thank you!!!


A soul ballet.... what a beautiful thought. Your words are comforting as I think of the times we have scattered the ashes of loved ones. Thank you!
I have watched this video and will watch it again.... It is awe inspiring!

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