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November 17, 2011


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Fran aka Redondowriter

So glad Joe is home and doing better. I'll remember this for tomorrow's haiku for healing for Joe.

Magical Mystical Teacher

What a wonder-filled idea: dedicating Haiku My Heart to Joe! Bliss! Thank you, Rebecca!


I love the sacred sage ceremony that you included here. That must be from Joe. It must have been part of his gift to you. It is lovely. I am so glad for this space to offer him our love and so grateful for you.

Dawn Elliott

Your prayer ceremony is such a beautiful thing...and thus we can all lend our support and prayers to Spadoman as he recovers at home. Thank you!


such a beautiful ceremony - i will be holding Joe in my heart with healing thoughts. Thank you.


There are no words powerful enough to say Thank You to the many souls that have passed through here taking the time to bless another's spirit. Truly a healing circle for all. Thank You, Thank You, Thank each and every one of You.


Kim Mailhot

Love and light for our Joe, and for all of us, in this beautiful circle.

I love you, Rebecca.


Beautiful Rebecca! And as I type my name in the list, I see Spadoman's name appear right above mine. It's a special moment we all share. I thank the great spirit for finding you and 'the haiku-people!' (sounds like a nice name for our tribe, isn't it?!)

Sue Fox

Bless you dear Rebecca,
Bless Joe our dear brother,
Bless this circle of friends ....

Sue x


{{ clearly
your own heart
from sharing It
with others
kindly }}


Thank you Rebecca for your beautiful heart in gathering us for Joe.

we are all grateful

Gloria Y

I realized how tight my own chest was only after I breathed a sigh of relief to read that Joe was home and checking in here. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Susie Clevenger

Such a lovely thought..So grateful to be part of your lovely gathering for Joe...


heart strong
heart wise
heart BEautiful

YOU are...

xox - eb.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Left word for Joe thanks to your beautiful encouragement.

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

Once more, thank you, Rebecca.
You giving and generous spirit is something to behold and something to follow as an example.


I have been praying for Joe, Rebecca. My thoughts and prayers are with him. I pray that he is doing better. God Bless Him and all of us.


I have dedicated my Shadow Shot Sunday specifically for Joe and another friend of mine who is having a very difficult time ..
warmest regards to all,

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