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November 04, 2011


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Wonderful!!! Lofe itself is grace!!!!!


life itself is certainly grace - lovely reminder on this beautiful Friday - hope your weekend is as beautiful as you!


Your beautiful haiku says so much. For me, it was in later years that I truly learned about love, what it is and what it means for the soul. I am so glad I know more now than I did when I thought I knew everything. And I need the love more now as well. It definitely goes both ways.

Peace and Love

Kim Mailhot

I feel you beautiful heart connected to mine, and some many others, in this incredible web of love we create. It is indeed Grace.
Light and love, my Friend.


"love unlocks each hidden heart"... That has my heartstrings singing, Rebecca! This image and your words bring grace to this day... How glad I be be here. I love writing, writing's been a while since I've done haiku...thinking, thinking... ;o) Love & Light ((HUGS))


It's so true what you wrote Rebecca. I can honestly say I look forward to every Friday to read and enjoy what we find here...
Rosie xo

Have a lovely weekend. =)


This is so effortless !! Your refined yet simple and elegant expressions bestows blessed assurances with unparalleled grace and much love!!
Hope your days are going well!!

Sue Fox

And my life has been graced by your loving words for almost a year now, I feel we are 'old friends :~)

Sue x


The mystical photo, the beautiful haiku... you touched me today!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Amazing photo and haiku.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Love is the key that unlocks almost everything...

peggy gatto

How lovely!!!!!
I went outside and was standing in the sun and noticed my shadow. I was in my bathrobe, but it looked like a lovely royal kimono. Then I had to go a little further and embellish my royal robe. So now I am an Empress strolling in the gardens of the palace.
What an exciting morning!!!!
Life is what we make it!


Life is grace..and you live it most gracefully. a beautiful haiku, thank you. thank you.



Hope this Fall haiku finds you well.


Fran aka Redondowriter

A beautiful heart-felt haiku and encouragement to all of us to visit one another. I won't be able to visit until tomorrow but look forward to seeing everyone's offerings.

Gloria Y

A virtual hug and kiss to you as I arrive at my 'secret' haiku haven. Thank you for this place of exploration, possibilities, healing and, best of all heart!


This is stunning rebecca. So sorry I missed haiku with my move. I love this image. I remember that it is your friend's amazing work, born from stone. Your haiku speaks of a moment of the sacred in every life, as does this sculpture.
All my love,xo

miss pie

life is indeed a mystery and filled with god's loving grace.... hello rebecca, it is a blessing to participate in friday's haiku....

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