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November 10, 2011


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Dawn Elliott

The trees certainly are 'bereft of shimmering leaves' now...we should all be so ready to let go and not try to resist the flow of the seasons. Your words are especially beautiful today.

miss pie

ohhh, that is so true... to see the stars thru naked branches... tonight the moon is just past full bright high in the sky.... "..the power of connecting..." yes, please.... so glad to have made it this week to participate... hope all is well with you...


I do enjoy the starkness of branches against the evening skies... and the prospect os snuggles is inviting too!
Beautiful words Rebecca, as always... =)


I do like your haiku today!! The trees devoid of leaves maybe but they don a million stars and wave like a sparkling magic wand!! A rare date (11.11.2011) and my 500th post is up here today at Haiku My Heart!! A place and time to remember always!! :)

Sue Fox

Following on from Nanka, whilst in the doctor's surgery this morning a conversation was struck about the date and it's significance, a moment in time just like the twinkling stars makes, you wonder!?!

Thanks for the beautiful moments here.

Sue x


we are poised for stars - your words always speak straight to the heart - thank you!

Magical Mystical Teacher

I'm ready to don a million stars myself. Will you help me, please? Thank you!


~~~ to fully experience
the power of connecting~~~

i am here with you
reaching my branches
into the Magic of this day...


{{ sending U
the power of matching numbers
to increase aLL
that is Good & Right
in your
world }}


The trees and 11-11-11
pillars on a temple
of stars.

deb taylor

slowing down here to enjoy a million stars in the country sky over Texas


Oh, those magic stars, Rebecca! The nights are turning longer and colder... Yet, I feel so much warmth just now. :o) Happy Weekend ((Love & Light))


This is a magical time...the magic of the date...and the time that Mr R and I were out photographing this magic moon

11.11.11 6:11

Kim Mailhot

This brought me to tears, Beautiful One. You expressed the feelings in my heart with your words and image. I see the stars shining, I do. But I am still mourning the loss of the leaves...
Thank you for the beauty here today.
I love you, Friend.


Your picture/haiku this morning reminded me to take a closer look at my world and look at the trees outside my window - really look at them.

peggy gatto

Beautiful words and picture!
I took this opportunity to remember our veterans.


A Soft Shadowy, starlit reflection of trees against the wintry night sky. Beautiful rebecca. Yes, Winter is a time for slowing down, reflecting and spending time with loved ones. The weather is a good messenger for us. I find that I am now ill and have to slow down for a few weeks it seems, but I will be on the mend soon.
Noelle xoxoxo

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

The photo is magical and your haiku fits it perfectly. You see things so clearly.


Lovely! Thanks for the breathtakingly beautiful blog. After reading about the Pompe's I understand the beauty/death juxtaposition. Those of us who *know* we hold hands with death can find it sharpens the edge of life. I'd given up doing art, but you've inspired me to pick up the clay, the brush and *start again*. Viva la vida!


Beautiful haiku, R.

Look at that...Orion right thru the trees.



Hi Rebecca,
I love that idea of the trees donning the stars as the winter comes. Beautiful!

Jill K. Berry

I miss you, your heart
Showing up just the right time
Sending you blessings.

Ramesh Sood

Absolutely delightful... I haiku that would shimmer in my heart for quite some time..

Gemma Wiseman

A magical idea that trees dress in a million stars! A very beautiful post!

Gloria Y




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