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November 25, 2011


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Good day to you Rebecca and I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving. I have to say again - what a beautiful photo!
Have a lovely weekend!

Anthony North

That sweet grace is vital, though it can come in many guises.


Sweet grace, indeed!!!! Happy weekend!

Kim Mailhot

Sweet grace, glorious light !

Love to you, Beautiful One, and thanks as always for bringing our hearts together this way.


A very simple but powerful message and idea come to fruition. You are indeed a gentle soul and the life you give to each and every one of us through these pages is what keeps the world turning in a wonderfully peaceful fashion. Thank you for the gift of peace and harmony you send to us.


Magical Mystical Teacher

Would that I could always live in the "holy sacred now."

deb taylor

this photo is you are my Love. Now I am off to sow some seeds of gratitude to my fellow Haiku-ers!


I hope your heart and bellies are full...



Your words inspired me to breathe into the now. Namaste.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I like how the sun shines thru the leaves. It's like capturing a bit of God in the camera.


Ah, Rebecca, have I any words left after yesterday's review of your magazine article? I always do. The sun shining through these leaves, kissing every crevice is like a bit of grace isn't it after the cold frost. And grace is really "favor" as we are favored by your lovely presence in our lives each and every week. I am thankful to the One who gives us all life that I have your friendship beautiful One.
Happy post Thanksgiving day,

Sue Fox

I'm graced by the sweetness of you and all the ones who share their generous haiku-ing hearts.

Sue x


nothing touches our heart like children, so i put up three child senryu

Mama Zen


Helen Campbell

Your words always are a perfect fit to your photos. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.


"in the holy sacred now"
living there
each day
each moment
so full of BEauty...

lovely as always,

xox - eb.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Seems like I'm always the last one to check in. Didn't go on the computer until tonight. Beautiful photo and words, Rebecca.


An echo of my wistful mood in the haiku today.
As my heart stirs I come here for the sparkling sun and because it is so nice!!

sharon furner

You thank us for being is quite the opposite. We all come for perhaps various reasons, but I come for the beauty, thoughtfulness, insight, compassion....a respite for a few moments. A respite we can take in our hearts and thoughts as we go about our daily living.
warmly: sharon

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