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October 11, 2011


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This is a beautiful practice...


Your car full of the dead is such a lovely thing-a way to remember and celebrate while doing a practical thing is somehow so touching-I love it!


on Holy Ground
even when we R just sitting ♥


I'm honoured you chose me to include in your post. It brought tears to my eyes. I love your secret passengers. I will adopt this mode of transportation immediately. Thank you so much, Rebecca.


The mysticism of this post grips me. I will never view a roadside shrine quite the same way again.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Thanks so much for excerpting many of us in your post today. I often invite my beloved dead in to the living room when I am writing about them, but hadn't thought about taking a drive with them. I'll admit I am one who occasionally hears the voice of a departed one and I know there is something there I have yet to learn from them. I like to think all our late loved ones are saints, intercessing constantly for all of us.


Yes thank you for including me in your post. I feel like I'm right there next to you smiling. What a wonderful post. Thank you.


so poignant...

I can see you and your merry carload, communing.

I also did a similar thing with the amazing comments that are gathering in love and intimacy, I have printed them out and saved them in a little envolope in a journal page of soaring Monarch souls.


I am here. I am speechless.



Thank you for sharing your own and others' poignant experiences with loss and love and living... for some reason I am reminded of the Peter Marshall prayer recorded by his wife in her biography of him:

"And there are some, who bereaved, still feel lonely, and have not even yet found joy - the joy of Thy resurrection - and the sense of the presence of loved ones who are with Thee. For if they are with Thee, and Thou art with us, how can they be very far away? But we would feel them near, we would somehow be persuaded that they still live, that they are happy, that they still love us, as we love them. May such assurances come to the hearts that need them today..." --Peter Marshall, quoted in A Man Called Peter


Oh what a heart felt thought provoker. I talk to people while I drive, too. Some here, in this life, some gone to another place. I also honor roadside shrines as places where two worlds met for a moment. those shining marigolds light up worlds here and gone. I am now going off to remeber those who have walked with me before, but no longer.


This is a beautiful post. There are no words to adequately respond to the kind of Numinous connection you encompass here in image and written word. I love the idea that even those who have gone before us find a place of belonging with you and that in your loving embrace one dimension may coexist with another in perfect grace and harmony without the least boundary or line. I am reminded of a film called The Sixth Sense in which a boy was able to see those who had passed, and told his mother that her mother (the child's grandmother) had an answer to the question that she asked so often when she visited her grave and that answer was , "Yes." He said, What was the question mom? She responded tearfully, "I asked her, 'Was she proud of me?'". The boy leaned over and embraced his mother. So perhaps maintaining this connection with the other dimension deepens the relationships that we still have in this one where we reside now. You always make a difference in my life, rebecca.

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