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October 19, 2011


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lyle baxter

such Joy! many thanks for including my little people in todays post! Did I tell you they honor members of the Mendelsohn club - a singing society in Philadelphia-who have gone on to sing in heaven! they wish to stay together thru eternity!


Ahhh...that's why I take photos, to remember...
the people, the places, the stories.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

What a beautiful post!

Queenie Believe

Tiaras in every room... What a glorious memory!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


I have been so very moved to read everyone's stories...each so personal and heartfelt.

Dia de bloglandia is going to be an evening to sit by candle light and slowly cherish and savor each contribution.



What joy you did have to share. I lost my one and only dear sister in the fall of '72 to breast cancer. This is always a special time for me. Love the tiara story too.

miss pie

how simply beautiful... the remembering... thank you for this post.... it is beautiful to remember those memories... i remember my great grampa wearing a flour sack apron and making tortillas... glad to have stopped by....

Kim Mailhot

How beautiful all of these rememberings are ! The sweet love of those who has left us and left us with these gifts to remember ! Lovely.
Much love to you !

Helen Campbell

How wonderful to see all the joyful memories here. Thank you for including mine today.


this is incredibly beautiful. I am glad that I just saw it. I am sorry I didn't see it sooner. What a treasure it is. You my dear are a Jewel in God's Eye.

Miss Robyn

I am going to join in this Sunday... slowly I am unpacking and discovering what I can put on my altar. I love reading your posts :) xo

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