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October 02, 2011


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Dawn Elliott

I'm so delighted to participate in this collective sharing of Dia de los Muertos memories. Your images are so vivid, Rebecca, and bring back such glorious memories from our visits to Oaxaca. I'll be in New Mexico next weekend, but look forward to catching up with everyone who is part of this exciting event upon my return.

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

You write everything so eloquently-fully capturing the emotional essence within our hearts. You create words just as beautifully as you create images.


This will be my first year participating in dia de los muertos celebration. Thank you for this. I have gathered some things and my shrine has begun. Looking forward to sharing with you.


This is my first time participating in your Day of the Dead celebration. I'm so excited to be here, and to visit everyone!

Miss Robyn

I am joining in.. albeit a day late.. just have to find [read unpack] some things...
and I wish, wish.. that we lived near each other.. I would love to be in your angelic peaceful prescence.. thank YOU for being part of my life xoxo
ps - my celebration will be a little different to those in the north of our world... i cannot find the flowers to bring my ancestors here.. so it will be memories, love and whatever flowers I can find :) xo - but lots of candles oh yes!

Laurie Zuckerman

Hello Rebecca and Stephanie. Joining in your Day of the Dead celebration for the first time, too. Rebecca and all of your dear followers, wish you could join me in Longmont for my Day of the Dead altar unveiling next Wednesday, October 12th.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I am having mucho camera problems today, but I'm hopefully going to post something soon. Thanks for your beautiful, inspiring words and your generosity in hosting us.


I posted my Los Dias article from the road and didn't get much time for visiting others until this morning.
Thankm you again for the invite and for hosting this magnificent event. This celebration is close to my heart, as you know, and I cherish the opportunity to be able to share it with all my heart with others.
I love the marigolds and will have many here during this month in preparation for November 1st.



those blossoms. the color just radiates light in dark places...


These blooms make my pulse race...beautiful images to bind us all together.

sharon furner

Between your brilliant prose and photographs, you transport me to another place. I am thinking of many of the Hindi rites incorporate marigolds....there is no more beautiful color in the world. Your lens captures it as intense as it is....your sunset photographs are simply beautiful. I will enjoy reading what others have posted.
smiles: sharon


A Beautiful post filled with inspiration and goodness!! THank you for all you do lovely!



Such a beautiful post Rebecca... Your words really touched me. =)

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