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October 12, 2011


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Ms. Moon

It brought me joy to be reminded of retablos, which I love.
Also, the way the light is pouring onto my porch, painting every small thing with gold.

deb taylor

oh to celebrate the JOY of answered prayers. I have much to celebrate and so many flowers to pick these days!


Answered prayers...perfect joy.


Beautiful Post Rebecca! There is a book on tape (that tells you how many years ago this was) that really did change my life. It is called Power of the Mind to Heal by Joan Borysenko.

In the meditation section she leads an invocation to the Archangels inviting them to bless a person in different ways.
Michael is on the right, Gabriel to the left, in front Uriel and behind Raphael. Michael f(the likeness of God, for guidance, Gabriel for creative problem solving, Raphael for healing and support and Uriel for inner light and vision to see.

Thanks for reminding me of this great power.

Love to you!

Dawn Elliott

What a beautiful sentiment and ex reminds me of the incredible power of prayer.

Kim Mailhot

Beautiful joy. Beautiful prayer. Beautiful Heart.

I love you very much, Rebecca, and I am so grateful for the light you bring to this world.


What a blessing to share with such an inspiring group of women. Makes me so proud of be among you all. Blessed be many unanswered prayers. I depend on Him to know what I truly need to pray for.


I remember this beautiful reliquery...and it looks so beautiful draped in a shawl of marigolds!


Magical Mystical Teacher

My joy is to see my prayers unfold like flowers petal by petal by petal.


My joy today is wrapped up on finishing my last organizing project. My work area now has its own room. My Muse is waking up from a long sleep.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Because I saw your joy post, I went to Meri's Musings and I posted my own joy for today. Love your post.

elizabeth bunsen

oh so lovely
as always
dear Rebecca
like our days
in the butterscotch month
sterling and gold...

xox - eb.

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