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October 18, 2011


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This brought tears of joy to my eyes.


Oh my Rebecca. How I was with you in these moments of reading your words. I was in that water with you, fancy free and get out of my way attitude please, I'm coming through. How wonderful that you are setting your spirit free as you are. Hey, I was singing with you in that car too, I've done it many times. Thank you amiga, for your special words of inspiration for everyone really. God Bless You.


I've had two moments of grace and courage today. The first was the story of Hajime, a 17 year old boy in the late stages of ALS, and now, you and your brilliant story of having the courage to step away from your fears and the memory of the one who walked before you doing the same thing. God Bless you.

Ms. Moon

I am listening to this- your life. I am humbled.

Karen Gerstenberger

Thank you for sharing your joy in this great new therapy. I am thrilled for you, for your body and your spirit! What a great tribute to the interactions with your friend from long ago.


Brave Rebecca, you inspire me! I am so glad that you have moved forward in this way. If we only could remember that it is always so freeing when we face our fears and move beyond our inner obstacles. Thank you for sharing this with us...So much love, Olivia


Your story of Judy and your time with her lifted my heart. Even as a young girl, your compassion for others and your ability to truly see them was so deeply present. I have no doubt that your friendship and influence brought out the very best in her. Your deepening journey within this new world of aquatic liberation and the depth of courage and openhearted desire you have had to overcome obstacles that have tethered your spirit for so long are truly transformative for all who know you and love you. Your last words, those that Judy might have spoken, were especially meaningful to me, “Step outside your limitations, don't let fear stop you from following your passion,open the door, life is waiting for you!” I shall remember those words in the coming days as I continue to work and write.
Much Love xoxo,


Oh, you know how much I love this story -- beautiful mermaid --

Sue Fox

Water is healing in many ways, I'm so glad you have found a relief from your struggles by overcoming fear and finding new ways to lighten your life. When I go to my gym I see some older ladies just walking in water one carries oxygen support, they are an inspiration, as are you!

Sue x

lyle baxter

Water is wonderful stuff isnt it! I am happy to read that it is doing wonders for you. Keep up the good work and enjoy your water world.And dont ever feel alone. we all have things we'd rather not show the world!


Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece of your life that tells of triumph, learning, forgiveness and acceptance. I believe assessments such as these are answers to prayers. They come on a different time schedule than we would like, yet they come.
I do good in the pool as well. Amazing how we can do things in water that we wouldn't even attempt on land. There has to be a connectionn withn the Earth Mother and our own Mother, comforting and protecting.
Peace, Love and Hugs to you dear friend.

Kim Mailhot

Tears are rolling down my face here as I share your joy, Beautiful One. And I am remembering that the same bravery and strength that you used to get to the water, and that Judy used to walk down that hall are in me...
I love you so. Float, swim, be your beautiful self in that water. I get such joy imagining you there !

Sherry Smyth

What a beautiful recounting of memories and life. I often say that one person's story is another person's gift and I'm reading this in what you are sharing. Kudos to you for taking back your life, taking back your joy and moving forward without inhibition. Thank you for reminding us that the only thing that holds us back if ourselves, our fears and our quite often needless vanity...because without our vanity windows and doors simply fly open. I'm grateful to Kim Mailhot for guiding me here today.


{{ oh
i am so touched by
i can say nothing
right now




how fine life Truly is }}


beautiful mermaid you!


Dear Brave Soul,
I come to you by kind suggestion of Sherry of Indigo Girl. Words fail me and all I can do is commend your bravery, not only to move forward in spite of what you face, but also to share it so that we may all find another reminder of how precious everyone's life is, no matter how hard the struggle.

Bless you.


Magical Mystical Teacher

Somehow Judy knows--and shares--your joy!


This is simply a beautiful story. I was overjoyed for you when you talked about entering the water. Having a water sign at my birth I have always loved and craved being in the water. I will now think of you when I am at the pool.



I am so grateful that Kim Mailhot directed me to this blog. I sit here, quiet and teary, thinking what a brave, strong woman you are. I have never met you, never read your blog before yet your writing touches me deep inside. You write from the heart and reach the heart of your readers. Take care.


yes, you mermaid hummingbird...

just have no words, except



miss pie

thank you ever so much for sharing your story.... shame is such a sorry awful feeling keeping one hidden from others.. so happy to see your boldness in stepping out and believing in a more beautiful tomorrow that lays waiting for each one of us... your joy is our joy... surrounded by water is like.. heavenly whether just floating or running...


oh my sweet friend,
I am smiling! with tears in my eyes...

thinking of you running and jumping

and letting yourself BE.

like that Monarch butterfly, a beautiful soul.

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