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October 09, 2011


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lyle baxter

I love your caterinas! and yes live to the max as who knows when you've had your last chance!I put my contribution for today on the linky thing!


This is perfect! I have seen pictures of catrinas before, but last year, when you and others were in San Miguel was the first time I saw someone I knew, (or at least was acquainted with through Bloglandia), dressed and made up as a catrina. I am fascinated by this. I equate them to the Selkies or the Mermaids, whimsical fantasy creatures with secrets too numerous to share. Keeps me in wonder and intrigue. Just Fantastic!
The young girl in the video is quite the artist!
I too devoted a portion of today's post to Posada. You must see the quilt a friend made fore us of his etching.
This is nso much fun and also very healing for us here in Spadoville. Thank you for this gift.

Much Peace sent your way


This is my FAVORITE video for catrina face painting and the one I used to first paint my own catrina face.



As I embark on viva la vida, la caterina's message is most welcome. Muchas gracias mi amiga.


As Frida always said and as we say
Viva La Vida. I always think of those 3 words. Beautiful catrinas.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Love, love, love your post and images. Have company this weekend and I'm just off to church and then my class. This afternoon I am planning to come back and post. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.


What an amazing post! I love your Catrina, and her attitude. We all need a cane shaken in our face now and then, to remind us to live fully - and to laugh.


Thank you, it's always a treat to stop by here!

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

I loved that video of la Catrina! Artist in motion. Learning to 'wake up!' is more than an everyday lesson. Being in the moment-easier said than done.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Every time I try to live wildly, someone wants to tame me and turn me into a pet!

Miss Robyn

I have been away, visiting my eldest daughter.. and came back to the most lovely comment from you.. sadly, I won't have time to take part in this.. I wish, but I just don't know how.. I tried and tried.. and gave up.. so I enjoy others xo


Wow - that first Catrina has attitude! She means business: Now DANCE! Now LIVE!



A bit confused about this blogolandia thing, rather new to blogging, but we will have an altar in our home and I will be making lots of posts on what is happening in MX City and what I see this month 'bout town, so perhaps it will be OK?

Braulio Jacobo Bautista Barba

Hola, realmente me encantó encontrar este post, yo soy la persona detrás de la Catrina en la primer foto, me alegra encontrar mi trabajo Decorando el post de alguien tan creativo, he disfrutado leer lo que escribes y ver que la gente disfruta también de mi Catrina, saludos y aquí dejo mi dirección por si alguien quiere ver más de mi trabajo. FB: Bj Bautista Barba

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