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October 27, 2011


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What a beautiful calavera, Rebecca. I wish you joy in your celebrations and shall hold my mother in my heart this coming weekend. xo

Magical Mystical Teacher

I have excellent rear-view vision too!

Sue Fox

I remember the twinkle in my father's eye the night before he died, expressing his place in my heart.

Thank you for this wonderful place of connecting.

Sue x


Hi Rebecca! I have not said hello for ages. This skull is beautiful and your haiku clever. x


So lovely! As always you haiku has touched my heart!


WHat a wonderful sculpture (Rosie calls it 'calavera' ??? Never heard of that...) I love your haiku! I haven't had much losses in my life, but still a few dear friends that will be remembered!


using my hindsight
and smiling
with remembering
The Good Times--
as i finish up
my daddy's shrine
for Day of the Dead...

{{ loving how your energy, rebecca,
continues to bring us together

this... }}

live your life, indeed!

Kim Mailhot

Remembering...sending love back and forth...a celebration of life and connection. Good stuff !
I love you, Beautiful Rebecca !
Have a sweet Friday !

Dawn Elliott

Your message is ever so true...real connections are what it's all about...said with such beauty and heart.


i have missed being here...thank for continuing to be such a spark for me here in bloglandia...and indeed, viva la vida!!


Your blog is a beautiful place to visit and there is much comfort to be found here. thank you. penny x


Rebecca, you are amazing! Lovely haiku words! The silver skull is fascinating. We are approaching the day of the dead, and it is a comfort to remember that those dear to us who have passed on are still very alive in our coming and going. As we continue on with our everyday tasks, their voices are now whispers that remind us of the continuity of life. With deep appreciation to you, Rebecca! Happy Autumn!


viva la vida

Fran aka Redondowriter

I don't exactly know how I ended up commenting on last Sunday's post, but here I am regrouping and commenting on today. Thanks to you and Stephanie I have been encouraged to remember even more than I usually do this time of year. How I love this calavera.


Beautiful skull and haiku!


I do not know what a calavera is and its significance!!
Your words and thoughts reflect much beauty Rebecca and Fridays make you live life until the next!!
Wish you the very best always!!

peggy gatto

your sculpture is loving, beautiful and joyful!!!!
Celebrate the memories!!!!

Susie Clevenger

The beauty of those who have gone before us...lovely photographs and haiku

Queenie Believe

Beautiful photo and poem.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie


YES to Living Life to the Fullest!!
Beautiful words and installment, Rebecca.
Did you create the cráneo de cerámica con las flores y los dientes brilliants?

Your creative soul!


beautiful and lovely words :)

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