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October 13, 2011


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I adore this image. Every time that I see it I am reminded of you. I think that white strands of hair are a blessing. They are a good luck charm like a rabbits foot or a shamrock. It is true that summer seems to be fading but here in my part of the world we have had hot days with the sun beating down. I am hoping for the winds of autumn to come quickly in bright, rustling, leafy wonder.


I had to look for the translation to find the word that describes my feelings and thoughts with your haiku... ephemerality.

I cherish my white hairs - they mean a lot to me. Hope you are alright Rebecca... enjoy your weekend!


This is such an iconic photo and always reminds me of you and this space in Blogland, dear Rebecca. Wonderful haiku - I don't even look at my whites anymore - they are often the most consistent thing in my life!!!


Altho' I thought white hair would bother me when I was younger, I find they do not. I consider them a worthy sign of age, wisdom. Summer is fading here also - Seasons pass, time has a way of slipping past us. So happy to have this space to share. You are loved!


Made me think immediately of the space on my drivers license that asks for hair color. Not enough room to say, "Mostly white with a lot of gray and a few darker strands that just haven't changed yet."
That's okay. Hair color is never what attracts me, especially here in Bloglandia. It is the connection, the peace of it, the outpouring of happiness that we give and take, the joy, the sharing. I am a better man to know you and the others, no matter what hair color.

Much Peace


i hold gracefully
{{ i hope }}


the Tail End of Summer

for a Bit Longer...

i do

see a few Silvers
~~a messy nest~~

on my roof*top...

Dawn Elliott

Although it's easy to be tempted and even fooled into thinking summer remains, your haiku speaks the truth! Yesterday's 80 degree temps are a short-lived illusion...although a welcome one!

Kim Mailhot

So grateful to have this moment in time with you and my haiku heart friends, Beautiful Rebecca.

Much love and light...


We must remember to appreciate every moment before all of our hair turns white.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Where has summer gone? I wonder the same thing...

A poignant haiku, Rebecca. It touches my heart--not to mention my hair!

peggy gatto

My first time doing a haiku and forgive me if I got it wrong. I was sitting outside and looking at the patio and this image was so strong.
I feel I have a sign of peace and protection right under my feet!!!


Earth has taken a turn and September has rolled up!! T'is October now, warm and sunny days and vibrant colors around!!

Birds are alive in the trees and colorful butterflies flit about. After the rains it's almost like spring here for a month till winter's cold and shorter days remind us that it is that time of the year again!!

Summer has slipped away so say the white strands on my head :) Its more than just strands now :)

Warm Wishes rebecca!!

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Yesterday I noticed the way of ivy changing colour so I grabbed my camera and snapped a few. Today you're writing about the changing colours of Fall so I took your idea and ran with it. Thanks rebecca. :)


What a beautiful and unique way to describe aging -- a white hair -- as always your words and sensibility are luminous.

Susie Clevenger

Your words are always so beautiful and inspiring...the summer of life passes too quickly...but there is beauty in the snow :)

miss pie

in biblical terms gray hair is seen has having wisdom.... i believe it is written on our faces, in our eyes.... a weee bit late but i still enjoy the visit...

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