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October 20, 2011


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I remember this image and how striking it is. I love the shadow and the red wall. So much symbolism here. I love that it is an angel's wing and that you speak of Autumn's fire rather than falling leaves or decay. Shadows are deeply powerful images. "take my hand, heart, prayer" Beautiful thought that. I will contemplate that tomorrow as I say one for you.


OMG Rebecca - what a wonderful image! It seems to me we're approaching a very meaningful time of the year for you, and many others.
Beautiful haiku - I am blessed to be a part of this group. xo

Magical Mystical Teacher

Oh, this haiku is delicious, simply delicious. Instead of a mere sip from the cup, may I have a deep draught, please? Ah, thank you!


This truly is a house of belonging. It is habit to come here, a comfortable habit to have and to share. I send love and Peace and thankmyou for all you do to keep the circle unbroken. I'll try to see you soon I hope.



How very lovely!!!!! Thank you!


I can use 'a wing around my shoulder' (and a guardian angel to accompany my son in this new phase too) so your photo really speaks to me today Rebecca! Thanks for bringing us all together every week!


That's exactly what autumn've described it so simply and perfectly. So glad to be participating again! Can't wait to read all the new haiku!

Dawn Elliott

The shapes, colors, and feelings evoked by your image imparted a little magic here today. Your haiku made me feel welcomed and cherished in this crazy world - such a wonderful Friday treat!


Holding your fire-y hand...


Kim Mailhot

My cup is filled each and every Friday through this awesome gathering of hearts, minds and creations !
Wishing you a sweet Friday, Beautiful !


Very lovely... Isn't it amazing how autumn invites haiku into our hearts?

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Intriguing photo. Provocative.

peggy gatto

Your photo is breathtaking!!!
A powerful haiku!
Wish you all a perfect week end!


Hold fast to my hand
Feel safe even in tumult
Wing protects and shield.

Susie Clevenger

a lovely haiku...come fill your cup in the fire of autumn...trees retire for the season with such beauty it warms the heart...


i. love. this.

Jill K. Berry

Glad to be back, the group has grown! Look forward to reading all the lovely words....


tap tap. :)

Hope you are well, Rebecca & friends.

Mine is for a chuckle which hopefully sets a heart sparking.


scraps of starlight

I love the fragments of the lst line and the gentle framework set for them.
Truly beautiful.
Here's my forst time playing along!


I hope you are sleeping in...

here's my Art of Remembering, I have to be off for the morning. Just one more Sunday before we open our hearts to Dia de bloglandia!

Rosie Gan

Thank you for the reminder. We'll take your hand and visit all those in this house of Haiku sharing.

Jill K. Berry

Put in the wrong url first time. So sorry.

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