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October 30, 2011


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This memory of BEing part of the whole, in helping carrying the weight of so very poignant. Together we will all carry the memories..shared and passed from one to the other in our own tradition.


Fran aka Redondowriter

What an incredible experience that had to have been. No wonder you are so drawn to Dia de los Muertos, Rebecca. The photos and the words are so inspiring.

Dawn Elliott

How beautiful your images are...and the story you tell about the intimate way in which the people carry out and share their traditions.

Interesting that we both posted about our time and experiences in the cemetery with Delores Porras and her family. I think that was the definitive time in Oaxaca when I was changed forever...

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

OMG-it is as though I felt the earth move. You have captured the heart, the spirit, the soul, the very essence of what it must be like to feel this experience first hand. And, brought to those who know little about the celebration of All Soul's Day (or, Dia de los Muertos) in a manner where, anyone with reason, could easily 'connect the dots' and 'get it' as to what this celebration is. And, that it is not limited by culture or religion. It is a connection that we all need to make as human beings.

lyle baxter

what a terrific post. It was as if we were there with you. thank you so much for hosting this event and for sharing todays story with all of us!


This is so beautiful, Rebecca. I can imagine it perfectly through your words and pictures. What an amazing experience. Thank you for sharing it with us. xox

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I love your post. I felt like I was walking with you into the church and the person's home. I have truly enjoyed the experience of Dia de Bloglandia.


I forgot to say, I love the photograph of the family at the grave. His expression is wonderful.


I think its all been said. I could see it and feel it all.


This is a sacred and beautiful post redolent with the incense of holy love and honor and rich with the beauty of cultural traditions that tie those living in one dimension to those who have moved on into another. Thank you for sharing such a lush and numinous experience with us. You have made us present with you in this place both timeless and timebound. Beautiful.

peggy gatto

I love your sweet photos and have so enjoyed this project you set up, THANK YOU!!!
I hope that others unfamiliar with day of the dead with find the joy and comfort it can bring!

Adriana Esqueda

Beautiful photos and words, Rebecca. It has been an inspiring experience in The Day of Remembering, thank you and Stephanie.

Miss Robyn

dear Rebecca - a beautiful post - one that I will return to a little later to savour deeply.. I am struggling with celebrating the day of the dead as we are going into springtime in my part of the world..but later today or tomorrow, I will share some honouring of ancestors of my land

I loved especially the vision of just candles and incense.. oh how I wish it were possible to come and walk this with you in real life!

Miss Robyn

ps: why is it that your posts always have me weeping with longing? not sure.

Miss Robyn

no marigolds... but a post that shows some of our ancestry here in Australia

Kim Mailhot

Thank you for sharing this beautiful tradition and ritual with us, Rebecca. This celebration of life, embracing of connection and the acceptance of loss is common to all of us !
I love you, Remembering Heart !


through your images
both pictorial and with words
I travel with you
to another world
full heart
grateful to have met you



Hi, I come via Gloria. I love your post, this one and the previous; beautiful art, thanks for sharing.

Julie Prichard

My heart is touched...for sure. I will be with you every year. Beautiful post. xo

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