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October 15, 2011


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Dawn Elliott

Your images and descriptions invoke glorious memories and help me to relive the season and traditions once again. What unique experiences we hold together from Mexico....the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes we hold so dear. You've totally motivated me to begin my home altar preparations and get this party started!


Sweet friend. You articulate exactly what is happening and why I do it. I so wish you could be here with us to share our altar, or we could be there. Maybe some day in San Miguel I am hoping. I love all of the images. We need more flowers here. More Marigolds. I'm under the weather right now. taking time to relax and get rid of the sickness. Hope all is good withn you.


Miss Robyn

oh Rebecca.. I held my breath reading this - I wish so much that I could go there to experience something like this.. I wish i could create this in my own home.. I wonder how? just to honour my ancestors even if only for the last week of October..marigolds are few and far between here right now


This is so very beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I love all the vibrant colours an what it all stands for.
Have a magical day.

lyle baxter

rebecca, such a beautiful post !I wish I had it printed on a card I could give out to the many people here in the east who have never heard of the celebration and want to know what we are talking about. Thank you


lovely post, rebecca,
and explains things so well...

today i am in my studio
working joyously
on my father's altar
and smiles



". . there are moments, simple moments in life that burn into our hearts with an intensity that sustains us. . . " Creating a retablo to remember my parent's wedding which included their actual wedding cake topper presented me with the simple moments you so eloquently describe here. For the first time I have understood the spirit behind dia de los muertos. Thank you for offering a space to share.

Sue Fox

Not a day goes by without I remember the ones who brought me into this world and so I'm grateful for this place of remembering.

Thank you dearest,
Sue x


As always, a beautiful post. So many colors, so many souls. I so agree with everyone and am happy to be a part of this celebration. Thank you Rebecca.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I appreciate the education I'm getting from you with your stories and photos. It helps me navigate. I love your passion.

lyle baxter

rebecca, I'm back to thank you for fixing what ever was wrong on my link. please tell me what I did wrong so I wont do it again! my firescreen is still evolving I'll send you a new photo! lyle

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

The images I see here are exquisite and beyond my imagination. The ceremonies behind the art of remembering just boggle my mind-as they say-I cant even begin to wrap my head around it.
So, so, very beautiful.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Such a beautiful recount and photos of what dia de los muertos the art of remembering is all about. Tomorrow our SoulCollage group gathers to make community suit cards of some of our beloved dead and we will build a temporary ofrenda for the day. I'll bring my laptop so I can show them your site, Rebecca. I'm trying to pull together a post right now. Such a busy week.


Rebecca, the joy and love you bring into the world warms my heart with each visit. Love love the sharing, the stories, and the love here!


Your words detail so precisely what is in my heart...each image makes me smile broader...the delicate marigold wreaths. I wish I had thrown some in my suitcase!!!


Adriana Esqueda

Beautiful pictures, love those marigolds.

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