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November 01, 2011


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Roz Cawley

Participating in this day, from here in England, has given me such a new perspective and allowed me to experiment in expressing myself in a totally different way. Thank you for letting me take part in this lovely memorial event.

lyle baxter

Dear rebecca, I dont think I need to repost what I put on your site on the weekend. its now visiting steph! but I do need to thank you for hosting this delightful gathering! I have met many interesting people, had an excuse for playing and learned much about other cultures and the way we all look at their celebrations. I believe that more people should learn how to celebrate our loved ones as we have done. it takes some of the grimness out of death! And who are we to say where you go or what you do once you have left us!

Sue Fox

Life has become richer and sweeter entering the candlelit world of Recuerda mi Corazon.

May you find peace and comfort on this day of sharing soft light and love.

Sue x


Hello! A friend, Leslie of Let a Joy Keep You, recommended me to your blog--I delight in discovering this beautiful world you have created here, Rebecca. Dia de los muertos is much like the Wicca Samhain celebration I practice. :o) Blessings to you as we remember our loved ones and celebrate life!

deb taylor

My dear friend. To return here each day is my celebration. Our journey together to San Miquel opened my eyes to this beautiful tradition. You and Steph have continued to remind us, teach us and inspire us to follow the same celebrations and I thank you both. Much love and light, Deb


Dear Rebecca,
Will be back to read all this afternoon. Going to the drs. with my mom now!!



I am so happy and honored to be a part of this remembrance. Sharing in the celebration of the lives of our loved ones with others has been very helpful for me. Thank you for hosting this Day of the Dead celebration. You will find me to be a regular visitor to your blog in the future.
♥ audrey


I too am one happy girl to be sharing this celebration with my family and of course my friends on this world of cyberspace. Glad I met you through Stephanie Rebecca. Beautiful post as always, straight from the heart.

Erin  Perry

A special time of tears and joy as we remember all those who have gone before us.
Erin in Morro Bay


{{ i have had The Best Time
working on the wee shrine
i made honoring my dad.
without you & steph
i might not have had this pleasure
so i am thanking you ever~so! }}


Life is sweeter shared, rebecca.


good morning my dear Rebecca,

What a beautiful journey that has led us here! I have been thrilled and honored to walk hand in hand with you on the way to Dia de los Muertos and Dia de Bloglandia.

much love,

Dawn Elliott

I want to thank you and Stephanie for creating a venue for us to share our memories and feelings about this most incredible holiday!

I have totally enjoyed preparing for today while hearing other peoples' stories, seeing their pictures, and sharing a glimpse of their personal ofrendas. Thanks also to all who participated.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos, Rebecca. Today I will spend time reflecting on our many travels to Mexico together for this, our favorite celebration...

Kim Mailhot

Light and love, Beautiful Heart.


A big hug and thank you to Rebecca and ALL of you for this sharing. You have inspired me to create my own small Dia de los Muertos altar, and I thank you all for that. I am so enjoying seeing all of yours.

Ramesh Sood

Oh, thanks a lot...Rebecca.. its so beautiful.. I have taken the liberty of sharing a post I did for Jingle Poetry on Hawoleen..

Magical Mystical Teacher

I am honored to be part of this gathering, as are my loved ones beyond the veil!

Adriana Esqueda

Love the Angelitos shrine with the two amigas hanging on. This has been a great gathering experience. Wonderful idea, Rebecca and Stephanie.

Queenie Believe

Thank you for this beautiful celebration of reflection and rememberance.
Have a wonderful day,
Always Queenie

Fran aka Redondowriter

I can only say thank you to you and Stephanie for hosting us on this incredible month-long journey. A few say I've become macabre and obsessed with death, but my own personal belief is that my life has become so much richer as I intentionally remember all my beloved family and friends who have gone before me. Your post today makes me feel like a kid opening a special present on Christmas day. Thanks.

elizabeth bunsen

gorgeous GORGEOUS!
today is Boone's birthday
so many emotions
he is 16
it is a golden day
your spirit warms my heart even more...

back after to soak up more...

xox - eb.


Your words are poignant and refreshing and uplifting like you, dear Rebecca! So is your shrine and little marigold festooned angel. Each tribute I read is making me cry, but that is ok~ good right?

Love to you,

Laurie Zuckerman

Terrific photos on your blog, Rebecca, and I love, love, love the dancing marionettes. Hope all is well with you and yours on this auspicious day. Love, Laurie


Thank you for sharing the divine light of love with this wonderful celebration.


Thank you, Rebecca, for lighting this path for us, to share what is in our heart at this time of year. xoxo lulu


Am I late to this party? I hope not. Not only do I feel the spirits of those departed from my life, but the spirit of love shines through to us from all of you and we appreciate it greatly. Thank you Rebecca. I am sorry that my energy level lacks strength these days.

Peace to all

Fran aka Redondowriter

Love how the photos are changing.


Thank you my dear for sharing this evening with me. Your shrine is so soft and peaceful looking, is this one of your plaster pieces?


I recognize the little skulls...


Heather @girlichef

Such a hauntingly beautiful ofrenda. I made my way here via Gloria and hope it is okay that I shared my Pan de Muerto and thoughts on Dia de los Muertos today.


I love your offrenda, simple and yet intricate...and so peaceful! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the comment on my blog!


Your ofrenda is truly magical! And so peaceful! Love what you always share with us, thank you!

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