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September 07, 2011


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sharon furner

Happy Birthday, Stephanie....what a fantastic surprise to receive a birthday cake designed and baked by must be a very very special person.

May your year be filled with surprises, joy, laughter and a trip to some exotic local....enjoy your day. Warmly, Sharon


Happiest of birthdays Stephanie Dear. How very lovely a surprise for you. I hope that your day is filled with lovingkindness, the joy of friends, Art, beauty, laughter, merriment ~ all of the things that you enjoy, love and so deserve. May you know from every corner, this day and always, how very special you are.
Much Love,


dear bright and colorful light,

i wish you a joy filled birthday, and i thank you for the smiles and light that you brought into my life this past year...



peggy gatto

what a joy to see this 1 of a kind card, I love it!!!
Of course I add my good wishes and hugs to the birthday girl!!!

deb taylor

~~Happy Birthday Sweet Beautiful Stephanie!~~
I am so happy that you were born so we can become friends! I will celebrate this day!!
And everyday! xoxoxo love, Deb

Lee Anne

Happy Birthday!!!!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Happy Birthday, Steph!

Sue Fox

How wonderful to be able to celebrate like this, that we can all blow you a virtual kiss on this your special day Stephanie!

Joining Rebecca's party, hip hip horay
lots of love coming your way :~)

Sue x


Much love Stephanie Happy happy Birthday!

Jenny F.

Natty Moss bond

This is going to be the best year ever!!!
Happy Birthday!
Love, Natty


Happy Birthday Stephanie!
por muchos mas
~ this is such a fun birthday card


Stephanie, Happy Birthday Dear amiga!! ::hugs::


Happy Birthday, Stephanie! I wish for you another year filled with bike riding with your sweetie, art making in the mango studio and happy celebrations with family and friends. May all your birthday wishes come true!


Many Happy Birthday Wishes to You, Stephanie!


Happy birthday, talented and beautiful Stephanie. May it be a blessed one!


Hope your birthdays were as beautiful as you are.


i hope it was


so deserve The Very Best!

{{ i hope you spent the day
biking & art*making
a bit }}


Wow!!! Thank you ALL for this amazing!! virtual birthday party!!

I'm going to invite a couple of other friends over to celebrate with me :)

This GORGEOUS cake Rebecca...

it's just the best!

love to you my dear and all you dears for this awesome party!!


Wishes for surprise and delight from me too. xxo


Happy Birthday Meri. Many happy returns of the day dear friend. May it bring you Joy, blessings and wonderful surprises. May you find laughter and love and May great desserts await!


Very Cool! The virtual B.Day is as entertaining and full of eye candy as Sunday's ride and dinner. Ahh, but far less fattening.

Kate I

Happy Birthday Steph (and Meri too)! May this year bring you much joy, laughter, creative inspiration and all the other treasures your heart dreams of. ((big hugs))


Meri, Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day.


Love this post!!! It emanates JOY!!! Smiles all round!!

deb taylor

Oh wonderful to share the same day of birth...two beautiful souls were brought in to this world xoxoxo

lyle baxter

rebecca, thanks for showing us your wonderful tribute to the birthday girls! I'd love for you to celebrate my next birthday! what wonderful creatures you created!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I love the last photo -- you're helping birth the joy revolution. Say you want a revolution? We all want to change the world.

cynthia eloise

thanks for sharing the joy and putting us onto meri's birthday.


A Late HAPPY Birthday to dear Steph!!
ANd thank you for honoring her life so beautifully, Rebecca!

Dawn Elliott

What a delightful tribute and celebration honoring your dear friends, Rebecca! Fun Birthday wishes to Stephanie and Meri!

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