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September 25, 2011


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Sue Fox

Words and pictures, you have it all to thrill our hearts!

with love x

Sorry Rebecca might have linked twice!

Noelle Clearwater

Such an intimate and beautiful rendering of your heart here. You have painted an edenic portrait surely and this sacred moment with your soul mate reminds us that the heart is the keeper of love's memories and fires and not the body. Your words draw us into a space where we can not only appreciate the sacredness and tenderness of human love but of divine creation and our place in it and go away, even though we may be alone, feeling that we have been touched and blessed by your experience. Thank you for sharing it.
Much Love,


What rapture -- your voice, your words, those photos --

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

rebecca, your poem and photos are sublime and magical. You are truly gifted. I hope you are well.

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

"I sing in the company of flowers" should win an award for "best line in a poem, ever". I also like "tomatoes steadily rounding under his practical gaze".

Magical Mystical Teacher

I am almost speechless--certainly breathless--after feasting on your words!

Leslie M

You transport me every single time I come by. Such beauty in your words and your photos. Your heart.


Kim Mailhot

The beauty of this brought tears to me, Lovely One. Thank you for this gift.

I love you.

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