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September 04, 2011


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Dawn Elliott

Your post tugs my soul as it reflects on the desire of connect with others and with nature, art, music, spirit.
Your mosaic piece is magical, as is your message. Happy day of rest!


Dearest rebecca with the beautiful heart... You have summed it up totally and completely. This is what I do to a "T" when blogging. My heart and my thoughts are sent to each person that might wander by. It soothes me to know that you know that I am talking to you through my written words and photos.

Wonderful Peace to you and to all


Like a time before language your words sing to my heart things that I have no words for.


I totally understand what you're talking about...last week my son went to Seattle for a pool tournament. Whilst he was out of town, I felt disconnected, almost like I was going to have a panic attack (but not quite) and then after he came home, I could feel myself relax and breathe. The connection I feel to life when I am around him is like none other.


~~~all things are sacred~~~

{{thank goodness}}

Sue Fox

I love our connections, being a strand of light part of the beautiful whole.

Thank you for this place of lodging.

Sue x

deb taylor

your words weave the perfect fabric of friendship as we continue gathering here to share, inspire, open and reveal. I am so grateful for the kindred Spirit I have with you...all because we blog! xoxoxo


From flowers as architecture and you as thumbelina to a grown woman now, a journeyer in a dense floral jungle of sunlit petals, leaves and stones who sees the deep spiritual energy connection between all beings, all forms of life as beams or white lit fibers of electricity. Language is of little use in such a place. I believe that your dreams take you to a level of transcendence that few people experience and you return from these journeys to share with us in the form of incredibly beautiful artistic expression as you do in this amazing mosaic here. What a breathtaking piece. Your words reflect the longing that everyone has to belong, to be understood and to be connected, but more importantly the feeling that is evoked by your art and your presence creates that connectedness in this community that you have built around you.

Sue Krekorian

So here I am, a new visitor to your part of this wonderful worldly paradise, sharing a little piece of my paradise with all of you, and thanking you for this beautiful opportunity for friendship and fellowship.

Magical Mystical Teacher

Paradoxically, you had to use words to describe your dream to us! :-)


So beautiful, Rebecca, as always, the words capture so many feelings and paint a picture and a dream at the same time. Yes, xoO

Fran aka Redondowriter

What a beautiful post and art. My paradise was attending a friend's 101st birthday today as you'll see when you visit my blog. Thanks, always, for all that you do, Rebecca, for all of us. This sense of interconnectedness even has a name in the Progoff Dialogue House work I've done over the years--Peak Experiences. I'll never forget Thomas Merton writing about his own experience when he stood on a corner in downtown Louisville.

Miss Robyn

why is it, that each time I read your words, it is as if my soul is drowing in love & acceptance. You truly are an angel xoxo

Life with Kaishon

What an absolutely lovely vase. Your words were beautiful!


This line is wonderful, a vivid description of what we usually feel when we want to detach but we simply can't:

"...yet even in our most private musings we seek intimacy."


I love your Paradise....and the connections you have allowed to be created. They are precious to me. Thank you.


So well put, this paradise you and we create and those white hot threads of light that connect us all.


Meri @ Meri's Musings

My paradise weekend included a visit from the little guy and his daddy and a visit to the zoo.


what a lovely dream of paradise... all boundaries erased, and nothing left but truth and light and love. "and He will wipe every tear from our eyes..."


I believe in this connection you speak of. It is one of the main reasons I blog. Let's stay connected!

sharon furner

Just as your words flow like warmed honey, so does your art, veins of purply magenta connecting the shards of porcelain. Warmly, Sharon

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