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September 28, 2011


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oh my! oh my! this is glorious, dear hummingbird!!! xoxo

Dawn Elliott

Your work just keeps getting more and more interesting, Rebecca. So glad you have had some time to play!

Dawn Elliott

Your work just keeps getting more and more interesting, Rebecca. So glad you have had some time to play!


Oh, the eyes! The eyes!


Indeed, and such a gift! Thank you!

Sue Fox

Love the close-up just want to plant a great big kiss on those peaches and cream cheeks!

Sue x


Hi Rebecca, hope you are doing well and I just love her eyes and the naturalness of it all. Great work. Have a wonderful day and upcoming weekend. Take care.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

Isn't it marvelous to be stretching, trying something that feels a little outside your comfort zone? It gives me joy to see your work!

Kim Mailhot

Oh show this shines ! That is my theme this week - looking for the shiny in everyone, including myself ! So happy for you that Katie has brought you to this shiny, beautiful place in your art.
Happy Thursday, Dear Heart !


It is gloriously beautiful. It glows with the spirit of love with which it was made. I love the idea that this is an emerging face, something that existed within the material itself that had to be uncovered by the artist's hand. The essential idea that it was always there leads one to believe that it was a part of soul. Beautiful and looks so like Mary in many of your lovely shrines. :)

sharon furner

Ah, so wonderful to see you painting and planting beautiful images in our minds. I love your creation. We can feel the joy you felt in creating this piece. This is a fun course, isn't it? So refreshing and relaxing.
This is more comfortable for me than the plaster....silly, I know.
The colors in the face work so well with your blog burgundy borders...everything simply glows. Keep up the painting! I will follow. Warmly: Sharon

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