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September 12, 2011


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sharon furner

Dear Rebecca, perhaps you have now flown away to SF. I was doing other things and suddenly had the thought to check your blog...and here you are, flying with the birds, sharing your health story and all the little intimacies that will require, with others, in the hope of helping generous. May your generosity open doors for you personally...perhaps some new treatment...experimental work...I am so surprised by this beautifully written goodbye....we will all be praying for you. May you come home with lightened wings of hope! Warmly,Sharon


Have a wonderful, productive trip. I can't imagine anyone more filled with grace and wisdom to talk to those "in the know" about this terrible disease. And then fly, fly back here and tell us all about it!


The world needs people like you. Keep safe.

Sue Fox

Take my heart with yours,and a hundred others who are supporting you on this journey of caring and sharing. May your determination of 'possibilities' strengthen and energise you on this trip, please return to us safely and then our rhythms can continue in the same familiar beauty.

Love to you always
Sue x


Be safe Rebecca, as your strive to keep others safe... God Speed...

Ms. Moon

Take 'em to school, beautiful. Teach them. We'll be here when you get back from your mission of hope.

Kim Mailhot

Safe travels, Beautiful Rebecca, as you do the work your Soul wants you to do.
You are carried by waves of love, this I know.
Love you, Friend.


Safe trip Rebecca and be well. Take time to enjoy the sights if you can. You are so strong and such a good person. Look forward to hearing about your "teaching." Love the skelly, great work.

Dawn Elliott

We will all miss you while you're away, knowing that you are helping countless others in their journey to find health and wellness, yet also taking time to explore friends and places from your past.
The images of your garden, tomatoes cooking on the stove (me too!), rice pudding baking in the oven...of your son, your cat, your struggle, your tenacity. Have a fruitful trip, my friend. I anxiously await your return to us and to the beckoning of autumn.


I hope your trip is all you want it to be, Rebecca. My thoughts and prayers go with you. You are so generous and the world is better for your being so. I myself am going on a trip across the country to see my husband who has been in the hospital for 3 months in Georgia, so I won't be back for a while. Prayers and love, xoO

Meri @ Meri's Musings

If there is a gift in your illness, Rebecca, it is the one you give to others. You are an inspiration!


"Who could refrain that had a heart to love and in that heart courage to make love known? --William Shakespeare

go forth, dear brave bright soul, with your heart to love and your courage to make love known - to make a difference. may you have all grace and strength for your journey.

Fran aka Redondowriter

How I love your Catrina--and though we will all miss you (especially your son), I pray that perhaps some breakthrough will happen in San Francisco.

Miss Robyn

kisses and love to you dear Rebecca - xoxo you are definately an angel on Earth.. and yum.. rice pudding :)


Prayers for a safe and fruitful journey sent your way.



such an important task
you have set for yourself...

i, too,
~~hope against hope
for a brighter future~~
as your heart~felt efforts
are certain
to speed such a thing to happen...

lyle baxter

you are what is known in our family as a "sport" to subject yourself to the trials of travel and the docs who seem to think they know it all! good luck, pace yourself and have a safe return home!we will be thinking of you!


safe travels dear friend. Your warmth, humor and incite will no doubt be a huge asset to this conference.

secretly hoping the NM one happens...soon.



Dearest Rebecca~ You have a voice that is riveting to hear. So wonderful that your voice will be heard in CA to shed light, knowledge, understanding... I'm so proud of this opportunity for you and wish you well. Much love, Margaret p.s. I love el Dia de los Muertos spritely spirit skeletons!


Dearest rebecca,
I just saw this. I wrote you an email but I have been thinking of you. You are in my heart and I know that your energy and dynamism will make much needed changes for so many. You are a force of good in the world and no one can listen to you and what you have to say without the message resonating deeply in their heart of hearts. I am with you my soul friend. You are the voice of many who cannot say a word.
Blessings and Light to you.
All my Love,


Dear Rebecca, This week while nursing my husband after surgery there has been an unexpected gift in being saddled close to home and that is that I have had the opportunity to read into the depths of your world through your blog. The courage and creativity by which you live your life inspires me. I can only imagine the challenges this trip presented to you and know that rewards will continue to come from your actions. There are times that the beauty of your words stop me and I am humbled at knowing how to respond. Your words touch places inside that long to be remembered. I thank you for that.

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