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September 29, 2011


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this very momnet
i am
sleepless by the sea


i found
always closer than it might appear~~

you can B so wise, dear one}}

Magical Mystical Teacher

Thank you for this blessed and wondrous reminder, Rebecca: "all roads point to love." May we never be so blind as to miss the way...


Nothing guaranteed
Harshness consumes strongest kind
Peace and love blossoms

Visual effects
Magical, illusory
Love is blessed truth

Thank you rebecca for the pointers at every cross road!! It kindly leads the way!!


Magnificent picture...profound words of wisdom! Have a wonderful weekend!


This is fantastic. YOU are fantastic. A beautiful explanation of the idea that we all show our love for our fellow human connections through this exercise.
Great photo. I can see it was from the passenger side, so I don't have to scold you about taking photos while driving like everyone does to me! (And, I need to get a mirror like this, with the cut-out for the convex lense).
Lovely, just lovely. I am so proud to be here on Fridays.


Dawn Elliott

I love you image from the city by the bay, as well as your message today. Love is the bottom line!

Sue Fox

And I'm glad I found the road to you, and this loving place!

Sue x

noelle clearwater

Hello rebecca,
I lived in that part of the world for a couple of years. It is so familiar. I will take your words to heart today my dear friend. I had an email from my sister saying that she didn't have room for me at Christmas but I could come anyway if I had somewhere else to stay. I will try to remember your words today, facing forward, turning back, all roads point to love. Because I realize that if we choose that, we do find it. Thank you for the love that you always give me.

Kim Mailhot

I love you and that glittery, beautiful, wide open heart of yours, Rebecca.
I am once again so grateful to be in the world at the same time as you.
Huge hugs.


Love the photo and reminder. Sometimes days are so hectic we forget that it's love that got us to where we are at now. I make time to tell my husband and loved ones that I love them. It's good to know you Rebecca and to read you. Have a wonderful weekend.


ahhhh, the sweetness of the past makes us who we are today.

Great talking to you last night!!! Computer is back...

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

I love your view of the Golden Gate Bridge. In my opinion, it's always viewed best close up. Hehehe.

Ramesh Sood

Hi Rebecca, sharing today what I wrote as a culmination for Haiku Heights.. will be back tomorrow for HMH Special.. thanks!!!

And your LOVE HAIKU..beautiful..


yes there is love in all directions N,E,S,W,
up, down and in our hearts.LOVE to you!


Wonderful, r.

Any road taken, eventually.


Susie Clevenger

A beautiful haiku on love...It inspired me to write my own love haiku...thank you for your inspiration


Oh Rebecca... I just realized I visited most participants on the list but didn't leave you a comment! Not very thoughtful of me, is it... sorry! Thanks again for this every week hosting - you brought haiku back in my life accomanied by a group of sweet and beautiful people. I'm so glad I 'met' you!


thank you for continuing in love. for continuing.

Karen Gerstenberger

All roads lead to love...that's beautiful, and true!

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