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September 15, 2011


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My thoughts are with you Rebecca!

Magical Mystical Teacher

not even ravens
can keep me from coming home—
I can outfly them


Wow! This haiku really touches my heart!

Sue Fox

Waiting here in the 'house of belonging', is a comfy chair for you to rest on your return, to reflect on each message of togetherness.

Sue x


Home,where the heart is
Free of fears and racking woes
Roll without a hitch

Pillars stand the storms
Crawl through darkness of life
Cloaked with love and warmth

My good wishes and prayers are with you for a successful mission!


warm thoughts of love being sent your way.

Dawn Elliott

I love the line, "to recognize the soul in the eyes of everyone" and the theme of inclusion. I hope your heart is filled with joy as you travel to favorite places and visit cherished friends. I eagerly await your return!


More peace sent your way as you traverse the universe.



My heart is with yours. I know that this trip means the world to you on so many levels. I am eager to hear what happened and know the amazing consequences of your talk, for they cannot be anything other than phenomenal my dear friend. Enjoy your time with Billy in a place with so many memories.
Much Love,


Every time I see this photo I am amazed at how small, yet perfect, the bloom is in the person's hands.


I rose this morning to fog, unusual for us...felt the need to share this Mary Oliver poem rather than write a Haiku myself...

enjoy :)


Susie Clevenger

safe thankful for your inspiration and the inspiration of others here


I have a sign near my front door that says "there's no place like home". It's good to remember that and be grateful.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Rebecca, thinking of you in San Francisco. You are an inspiration to me with my own health challenges.

Gloria Y

Home from work and play
Wond'ring if you are still here
Cities by the Bay

Are you still in the Bay Area, Rebecca?
(fingers crossed). I just got in from Colorado. Heading to SF for dance class!

Kim andersen

Blessings on your travels dear Rebecca ... Both near and far.

I will link a new haiku this week.
A rather cynical one I'm afraid ....


Thinking of you....
with love


Hello! I'm a writer for an online shop that caters to mixed media artists called Gauche Alchemy. I am planning a blog post about matchbox shrines and would love to include a few pieces from your gallery with proper photo credit and links back to the creators and your blog.
Our blog is
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I'm sorry I had to post a public comment- my computer keeps opening a link to an email program I do not subscribe to whenever I try to hit the email me link.
Thank you. This website is incredibly inspiring.

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