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September 08, 2011


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Nor 10,000 clouds either!!!!!!!!!! Joy to you this morning, dear Rebecca!!!!!!!! (Well, it's early morning where I am, but late, late night where you are.)


Good morning Rebecca!
Beautiful words to match that lovely image! =)


Rebecca, the second link marked Leo is actually Nanka's, which I'm linking for her. Please delete that, as I've linked it under her name correctly. It got posted under my name by mistake b4 I could edit it properly! :(


Your haiku fits well in my 'Dutch rainy day'! You are so right: never mind the clouds outside - the light is within! Thanks Rebecca!


I feel like you do dear Rebecca. I look forward to Fridays and Haiku My Heart. Even though I am involved with a specific function, away from home and on the road, I have been thinking of what I would write for today's post. It does bring Joy! Imagine how happy and joyful I became when I saw the photo on your posting, as the substance of my post today is little red fowers.
Peace, Love and hugs

sharon furner

Ah a favorite haiku from my favorite writer...beyond Mary Oliver! Yesterday I went outside and photographed an amazing display of clouds...that brought JOY into my heart. Have always loved gazing UP and seeing amazing pictures form from crystals of water.
Have a very good weekend....warmly, Sharon

Sue Fox

Blanket clouds here Rebecca, but I feel all wrapped up in your love!

Sue x


Beautiful Rebecca... as usual...

Dawn Elliott

You say it so well, Rebecca. Joy is a force that cannnot be stopped, no matter what! I woke up today surrounded by big, dark clouds...and joy is truly in my heart!


i love the light each friday from your lovely haiku my heart! Joy is such a powerful force if we only let it in.


i love the illumination of your photo and words... may you always be lit from within, dear one.

Kim Mailhot

How our haiku match this morning, Beautiful One ! 10000 clouds and much rain failed to take my joy as I spend sweet time with my man in Maine.
Your photo is so beautiful. I will picture you as this bloom all weekend !
Love you !


hi again, rebecca, i'm afraid gemma's link isn't working - if you know her e-mail or her blog address you might let her know.


Lovely way to start the day, with sunshine and joy.


Hello rebecca!!

I have been experiencing net problems past two days and it rectified itself just now!! So a bit delayed but will surely not miss :)

We both seem to have joy and clouds to ride upon today!!
'Sun in your heart' is so uplifting morally and spiritually. The haiku today is an ethereal beauty!!


Yes! I can see the flower illuminated by joy! And the clouds do not stop the sun from expressing happiness...


Pink Cloud of Pure Joy. It looks like a beautiful heart at Rest, waiting to bloom. I love this picture my dear and You. I am sorry that I am Sooo... late. I was going to post something else but this amazing shot just came in my mail from Andre. Had to share. Have a great day.
Love xoxoxox,

Ramesh Sood

What a lovely haiku Rebecca.. how can clouds stop Sun.. when Joy enters our heart.. Joy indeed..


Beautiful and SO true Rebecca!

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