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September 21, 2011


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Kim Mailhot

You are such a beautiful light, my friend. I so love to witness your shine.
Big love to you !

Sue Fox

So glad you are home dear, with words only you know how to string together, wooing our hearts!
I have missed you, hope your trip was all you wanted it to be, and you are not feeling too weary?

Sue x


Happy Fall dear Rebecca!

May you find strength in the open faces of these morning GLORIES!

Karen Gerstenberger

That photo - what a gift! Thank you!


These words . . . ohhh these words.

Ramesh Sood

Words weaved brilliantly...each one glowing and shining and drenched in happiness of joy... Thanks for the gift Rebecca..


such imagery
so fine...

i stop my computer hopping
to hold this thought for
my morning:

""perhaps the sleeping rest
in a curve of peace""

i hold this Thought
as i move
my morning...


Ahhhh Rebecca...
The birds stitching the fabric of morning.
How utterly lovely.


I have read this three or four times rebecca. It is like a prayer, a meditative and sacred litany that I will hold in my heart. I hardly know how to comment on these word paintings you create, they are nearer than dreams and I love them so. Thank you.

Fran aka Redondowriter

Incredibly powerful words which are your story, I know, but my story, too. These words especially spoke to me: undressing my heart. i come to this excavation of soul.

I am thinking of you as I type this, hoping you are feeling some better.

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