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September 11, 2011


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Thank you for sharing the entire poem here.


Too many names...

deb taylor

this is amazing.
Thank you
...too,too many


It is a deeply moving poem by Billy Collins. He is one of my favorite poets and here he has created a memorial in words greater than any structure imaginable. Thank you so much for sharing the poem and this beautiful image.
Love and Peace,

Sue Fox

Thank you for bowing to the cathedral of words in this poem and stretching them out before us, your humility and respect for others is a beautiful adornment to you.

Sue x


Thank you Rebecca. I had originally tried to link it and did so again.
Much Love and Peace,


In our lifetimes, this we shall never forget. God Bless Them All and God Bless Us.

Georgene Lockwood

The most touching post on the subject I have read all day. Thank you, Rebecca.

Fran aka Redondowriter

One of my favorite poets and this is a deeply moving poem. I will post a friend's painting tonight, but have not had the heart to watch TV the past few days. I will not forget but I am not strong enough to once again watch the scenes we watched 10 years ago over and over.


I had never read this particular poem of Collins. How beautiful and perfect for this day. Thank you for posting it and, as always, for your gentleness and kindness.


What a beautiful and sensitive post Rebecca. x


i never read that poem before. i think it is one of the most beautiful things i've ever read about that day. thank you.

Lynne Phelps

This poem really moved me. I linked an art journal page I completed on 9/11/2011. I still remember the day it happened. I was at work in a 50-story skyscraper in New Orleans. A friend called and said, get out of there! If they come to New Orleans it is your building they will hit! I said what are you talking about and she said find a TV. We all watched in horror in the conference room. Not one face without tears. Just the beginning. . . .

Susie Clevenger

This is so beautiful. It goes straight to my heart..there are so many names written on the stones in my memory garden.

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