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August 23, 2011


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October is the month of marigolds and mums, perfect for reflecting on the upcoming Dia de Bloglandia!!


sharon furner

This sounds so wonderful. Can't wait to see what is posted. Not sure how I would participate? heart willing, talent probably lacking!


This seems like so much fun. Maybe I can do some día de Los muertos artist trading cards to share. :)

Sue Fox

This sounds special, ooh, better get my thinking cap on!

Sue x

Miss Robyn

not sure what I must do? you see it is foreign to me - we don't have anything like it down here.. but I will try to join in if i can.. but need explanations xoxo

Magical Mystical Teacher

This sounds like great fun! Unfortunately, my trips to Mexico did not coincide with Dia de los Muertos, so my offerings will be few to nonexistent. :(


I'm in! Can't wait!



I am in...Just found my Catarina face. Can't decide if she is a doll or a collage..maybe both!


I love the Day of the Dead! Cannot wait!

Dawn Elliott

I look forward to participating in all aspects of Dia de Bloglandia - what fun!


I will be here with flowers in my hair.

Leslie M

How fun! I will be watching.

Noelle Clearwater

I love the catrina with the blackbirds in her hat. What could be better truly. I am going to be in the thick of it writing in October, but I will manage to participate. It sounds like a truly beautiful experience as all of your events are, filled with light, love and a sense of belonging in soulful expression.


porque usted me invito ;-)


Love the way the gold dressed lady brings her bird dish closer and closer!

Melinda Bloom

I figured out the is now on my blog! Can't wait to participate in this.

Laurie Zuckerman

Count me in, too. I plan to post pictures of my Day of the Dead altar installation I will be creating for the Longmont Museum's Dia de los Muertos exhibit and festival.

Oma Linda

I will absolutely love participating and sharing my ofrenda. Thanks for the opportunity to do so.


Oh Rebecca, so sorry for taking so long in responding to your invitation, but have had "familia" issues lately, thankfully, things are looking up. I would love to participate....have already posted the button on my blog sidebar.

Making lots for Dia de los Muertos and of course, my "Lupita" is always on my mind, so I shall be celebrating right along with you and yours.

Thank you again.



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