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August 10, 2011


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Leslie M

What a beautiful post, Rebecca! I love the call of the loons, but there is something lonely about it.


Bittersweet I would think...cherishing the quiet, by yourself moments but would be lovely too to be with the loons.

beautiful images of this taste of summer.


Ms. Moon

How did you manage to evoke exactly what I am feeling?


This is a piece of art! And I adore this: "cinnamon brown fish" --


Rebecca, I have never heard a loon in my life, but I can imagine them... after reading your beautiful words and drinking in the lovely images, my soul feels so much calmer. Thank you xxx


My dear friend. Your words are so beautiful. I feel the longing you feel. I am with you, up there, at the cabin. I am one of the guests, drinking coffee, having breakfast. We'll talk and sit outside as it is glorious these days up here in the Northland. So sorry you couldn't make the trip. Strong prayers from the lodge are sent your way for all that need them.
I have been busy, living life, and more activities happening. Maybe I'm planning too much, but it is what Creator is telling me to do these days.

May you have much peace in your heart and in the hearts of all you hold dear.

sharon furner

What can one comment on after reading such love and longing pour out from your heart through your pen. You spin words of introspection, deep thinking and pure love of place, time present and past. What you speak is truth, a truth that many of us hold but haven't the ability to express through written prose. I think I will never forget the image of cinnamon brown fish...that sprang out at me and made we want to paint them. Perhaps you can sculpt them or form in glass. The photos must be of your home...such a place of calm and peace. Your heart longs to be elsewhere, and yet you bless us with your words, I hope your family is able to read this. Smiles: Sharon


Oh I want to escape to your sanctuario. I have dreams of summers past filled with wild lakes and laughing children. Sigh. Thank you for refreshing those dreams with your words and images.

Noelle Clearwater

Dear rebecca,
Your description was so real and so near, I was certain that you were there. This is a place that you visit each year with your family and so much a part of your heart. I am reminded of E.B. White's "Once More to the Lake" after reading this post, you have conjured up so many poetically beautifully images of natural beauty. And Mary Oliver herself could not have written a more descriptive or heart compelling piece filled with such love and loon-longing. It strikes the heart there is so much beauty here. I am sorry that I have not been by and glad that I stopped today. Reading this was like visiting a dream. True art.

Sue Fox

How blessed we are to be able to read your words Rebecca, it feels like it would have been sitting beside Monet or some other great master as their oils stroked blank canvas, transforming into a beautiful masterpiece. I'm sure we are witnessing art in the making. Have you got them all in book-form yet?

Sue x

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

Wow...what a stunning collection of images with words. Quiet is good, I think. Gives one time to go within.
Where is Side Lake?

missing moments

Beautiful post Rebecca ... I love those loon pictures and the views upon your lake!

Dawn Elliott

It's like I was there at the lake with you, pondering your very thoughts, reveling in both the joys and sorrows in that sacred place. What lovely memories are being made for you and your family during this precious slice of summer.

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