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August 30, 2011


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Oh Rebecca, so very intense your feelings. You are a brave and beautiful and brave soul with so much to give. Thoughts are with you. Sending you ::soothing thoughts of well being:: God bless you.


You have made a beautiful thing out of your difficult day Rebecca. I hope you are going to walk in the light tomorrow. xx

Sue Fox

Thank you for sharing a glimpse of how it is for you, your life, how each moment of light is so precious.

Yes, too I join Gloria in sending soothing thought of light and love.

Sue x

Ms. Moon

I can't even imagine although I have sat by the sides of others as they received fluids through their veins for hours at a time, chatting and knitting, those beeps, the TV's. No angel harpist ever came though. I wonder how I would have felt if she had.
Oh baby. I wish you didn't have to do this. I am glad that it keeps you alive.

Kim Mailhot

oh, my beautiful heart. I am so grateful for how you have learned to see this world, to always be on the look out for beauty, even in an environment where they have somehow tried to hide it under procedures and mind numbing unhealthy vibes from television of all things.
Sending waves of love and beauty to you to keep you as infused with it as possible as you go through this hardship.
I love you, Rebecca, my friend.

Miss Robyn

I don't have words dear Rebecca.
you are the bravest, most loving soul i know. and I mean that xoxo

Magical Mystical Teacher

Breathless, I am breathless--and in tears--after reading your impassioned outcry for light, more light.

I am honored to know you, Rebecca, and to count you as a friend.


I love you Rebecca!!!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I am helpless to do anything but send love. By the heartful.


I'm putting you on my prayer list side-bar right now, Rebecca. Your name will stay there until you are healed. God love you and may his Holy Mother keep you close in her embrace.


I think it is wonderful that you write this...put your thoughts of your life, the life you wish...the life you wish for others...

out here

for we all support you and hold you and sing sweet notes of love in your ears.

Kim A.

Beautifully written exhortation .... I am guilty of impatience, boredom, frivolous activity. I need the reminder to go out into the electric air and breathe. Blessings on your infusion and distillation. You ARE the dream house.

sharon furner

Those who sit side by side with you, each with their own thoughts, fears and confusion would see and feel their day differently if you were reading your rushing of heart felt words. Your ability to express your deepest emotions, desires, irritations, fears, wishes would inspire those who share the same air, to see the light through a different lens. Perhaps a gentle word to those who "administer" could turn the TV off and allow you or someone else to read your open a communication.

I think of where you sit as wooden stalls in a cathedral...self contained, hidden, holding hands, no glances to see how the other is doing, only interior thoughts to keep one company.

Break down those barriers Rebecca, pull out your sheaves of words and open will be such a blessing in their lives. Rather than wait for the light, you are the light!!! Such love and amazement that I have met you. Warmly with love and admiration, Sharon


Very moving, and saddening.


My dearest Rebecca,
How often do you have to get these infusions?
I had no idea. My parents both had dialysis for years. "I know about those things Linda Paloma." Sending healing prayers and meditations to you. Believe in Miracles. <3


My dear friend,
I am so very moved by this deeply heartfelt retelling of your day. I am usually with you, by email via your phone on these long days,from time to time. I feel closer to you, comprehending what you see, hear, feel, fear and wish so deeply for--knowing how you perceive yourself and the world around you in those moments when I am on the other end, at my desk, trying to find a poem to send to cheer you or a bit of news to make your moments a little brighter. I sometimes feel on those infusion days that we connect in a way that we normally do not on any other day. I am reminded of a time when I used to visit my mom in the hospital, and I would read to her from these beautiful Wisdom for healing cards that I had bought by Caroline Myss. I really thought she paid no attention, so I stopped reading them for a while. Then one day I came in to visit and as she lay there she looked up at me and weakly said "Cards." I smiled and went over to the drawer and we began again. I realized that it was not so much the content, but the act of Love that she appreciated. I love you my friend. Here is to a "One stick Day" every time.

Fran aka Redondowriter

I'm just putting myself back together after vacation and now I'm back at work. This post was so intense that I read it 3 times, thinking you were recalling a dream. Knowing you are fighting a chronic illness, I then came to the startling conclusion that this really was one of your experiences today. I am not familiar with your illness although you have written about it. Is the infusion a form of chemotherapy? How often does it happen?

I'll be visiting more often. I vaguely recall a link you sent about a week ago about another project. I'll check it out.


"i want to shake them awake

plead with them to take their beautiful perfect cells and LIVE,

run away from the one hundred puny distractions

and out into the electric air and breathe

while everything is still possible."

yes, and yes, and YES

thank you for this shake.

the one hundred puny distractions


at the sound of

your voice...



i KNOW. and i am weeping at the pain and power and beauty of your words...


I am sending the most loving hugs and prayers.My heart is with you.


You are shaking us awake, Rebecca. With every poem you remind us of the beauty and poignancy of life and prompt us not to get lost in minutia and every day concerns, but to see the big picture.

I too didn't know that your illness required visits like this. My thoughts and love are with you today and always, xoO

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