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August 03, 2011


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Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

Beautiful photos as usual Rebecca.


Oh, good night! That photo of the yellow tomatoes made my mouth water!

Sue Fox

Set one more place for me please!

Sue x

Miss Robyn

yes I can! and I can see summer in those gorgeous zucchini? flowers. yum. xoxo


Yeah, that is the color of joy that the rotten slugs got away with while I was ill with the chemo.

Too bad they are not Helix escargots otherwise plenty of butter, garlic, parsley and Absinthe and we would have a feast from
those miserable thieves. My quasi Buddhist beliefs go out by the wayside when they come and damage everything found around their slimy path. Alright, forgive me. How about rejoice in the growing tomatoes, the trees laden with fruits and having you for my dear friend?

Come soon. I miss you.


How very beautiful. These blossoms have the grace of a ballerina.

Ms. Moon

Golden summer joys. To see, to eat, to take in all ways.
Beautiful, my love. Beautiful.

Kim Mailhot

Your joy is delicious !!!!

I love you, Dear Heart.

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I can taste it. . . and see it unfurling. Your joy is beautiful and nourishing!

Noelle Clearwater

Beautiful Golden flowers! Oh my goodness. My neighbor has one like that but it doesn't look nearly that gorgeous. And those tomatoes. A feast for the eye and the palate. Rebecca, did you get a new camera because these images are simply gorgeous!!!


Yes, I can taste it! And in the gentleness, the unfolding, the opening...the taste is sweet! xoO

Magical Mystical Teacher

Vicariously, yes, I taste your joy--just wish the real thing were gracing my plate!


the blazing cacophony of brilliance; color married to texture, both of them bathing together in succulence, filling each bite with their sensual magic, for you, for you..... xox

Ramesh Sood

I enjoyed..very delicious..thanks.. Ramesh


Heralds newborn day
Morning glory flares, trumpets
Festive fare you share

Kitchen garden stares
Plump, crisp and fresh tomatoes
Plate spells peace and love

As always enjoyed your presentation for today!! :)

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