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August 22, 2011


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Noelle Clearwater

It is a beautiful idea, rebecca. I will remember and find a way to make a beautiful post for those days. I love these images. I have done altars before. It has been a long time. Thank you for the invitation.
Much Love,


I'm already marking off some space on the calendar so that I will have time to prepare an offrenda this year~I wouldn't want to miss this wonderful event hosted by Stephanie and you:)


Hi Rebecca. I will be hoping to participate this year again. I've already let Stephanie know that I will be participating. Glad you are helping her host. I'll wait on the linky. Have a wonderful day.

Margaret Lambert

Thank you so much for the invitation, Rebecca! I certainly hope to see you all then...Margaret xoxo


Oh, absolutely, count me in! :) Cannot wait. And thank you so much for the invitation!


I hope to do this as well, but I would love to know more about it -- I'm very ignorant!



sharon furner

I am crazy in love with your last two photos....the shadow of the woman with flowers it totally breathtaking....and bright flowers get me every time. You are as talented with your camera as you are your words...what a beautiful combination.




I will definitely be ready for this event!

Leslie M

How wonderful!

Melinda Bloom

I say this each time I think - but I love your beautiful blog! Of course I want to participate but blog newbie that I do I put the linky badge thing-a-doo on my blog????

Miss Robyn

do you know, I may be in the middle of moving when this comes around.. I am surrounded by my ancestors always - they speak to me in my dreams and in my silent time.. I will off course join in, best I can!


Wonderfully bold colors and pictures!! Wishing you well!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I will definitely participate!


These pictures are so beautiful!


It is a special time for me and my faith community. I will mark it down and try to have something ready. There is much more joy in sharing for sure.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I will join you in this joy, Rebecca!

Ms. Becky

oh I hope I'm able to participate. but I must here and now tell you how beautiful are your photos. they leave me almost breathless, especially that second. the shadows are mysterious yet loving and knowing. happy day to you.


I would love to participate! I just need to make sure I know who Mr. Linky is. :))

Chaska Peacock

I want to do this!!! But, who and where is Mr. Linky????


This is just what I need. Still mourning the loss of my dear brother last Fall. It will fill my heart to make a piece of art in his memory.
I am looking forward to seeing all the art and reading all the thoughts posted by everyone during this special time.
Thank you for hosting this event.
I, also, am in need of a Mr. Linky Crash Course. LOL.
♥ audrey

Fran aka Redondowriter

Thanks so much for offering this to me. Count me in. I'll do Mr. Linky when it becomes available.


I'm in.

Magaly Guerrero

What a lovely idea. I shall add my name when Mr. Linky pops up. Love the word "Bloglandia!

Laurie Zuckerman

Hi Stephanie and Rebecca!!! Can't wait to post my photos starting to tomorrow. I will be sharing my two new altars for this Day of the Dead season. One from Denver's Studio 12 Gallery and one from Longmont Museum's Day of the Dead extravanga. Laurie Z.

Laurie Zuckerman

Some stunning photos you've posted, too, Rebecca. I adore the one with the woman's hands holding the marigolds. Heartstopping. I also have some of my own photos on display at the Longmont Museum. They enlarged them beautifully. Ah, to be in Mexico again!!!

peggy gatto

I am having such fun!!!
Thank you!!

Lisa JonesMoore

Beautiful words, thoughts and images. Thank you!!!


Next year i will hope to be part of this! We post our offrenda yearly on our site and host a neighbourhood party in honour, usually link to something but this sounds like the one i want to link to next year! so glad to have found this group!! Not sure how to follow on typepad? will figure it out!

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