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August 17, 2011


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Abi Monroe

Congratulations! 600 posts - wow, that is a lot. So glad I met you through your inspiring and gentle blog.

Love & Hugs to you my dear friend.


Inspiration and beauty is just pouring out of your post today, Rebecca -- even more so than usual. Thank you for doing this -- for spreading all this light and love and hope. And thank you to all the artists -- I'm sorry that I didn't "win" one of the beautiful pieces of art, but I was thrilled to be a part of it in such a small way.

Lisa JonesMoore

Thank you, Rebecca, for your countless hours of dedication and love for this project. I feel so honored to be a part of it all!--Lisa JonesMoore


Thank you, Rebecca, for inspiring us and others to give of our hearts and hands!
xoxo lulu


Congrats on your 600th post! Can you believe?
Also, thank you for being the kind of person that is a catalyst for good!

Dawn Elliott

Congratulations on your 600th post! You are so kind to honor all of the artists that participated in the Oaxaca benefit auction again, for without you, it never would have come to be. I think we should all be honoring you!


Congratulations on your 600th post. You've filled a lot of peoples hearts with hope and love. Thank you for all you've been able to do for the cause.


Thankfully for all of US you began blogging, to share your love of art and community. Just LOOK what has grown from these 600 posts!!

congrats dear Rebecca!


dearest rebecca, so much love and beauty has manifested through your 600 posts. We are blessed to have found tu corazon. Thank you for sharing your gifts <3 with us.
LOVE You always~

jenny F

You are the best, thanks for this marvelous opportunity to do some good .


Wow! I have yet to come across anyone with that many post in the years I've been blogging~that is quite an accomplishment!!And one that is extra special since each post is always uplifting and beautifully written.

Thank you for all that you do including inspiring us the above (and then some!) to become involved in celebration of giving to OSCG. Blogging can be an incredible tool for change and you a prime example of this fact. Here's to six hundred more :)
<3 Christine


600 posts of pure amazingness! Looking forward to many thousand more! And congratulations to you and all the artists that made possible another successful year of donations for the Oaxaca children!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

I was the lucky winner of Deb's journal and Karin's beautiful Ramona gypsy doll. Their talents are beyond compare!


thanks to you too for all your generosity dedication, and time, someone put the seed you! and others join you
god bless all of your souls and for more next year, si senor!

Sue Fox

My connection to you, the artists who 'shrine', the circle of women who support and the women who hook is always near to me in the form of one beautiful bovine rug that sits on my window ledge in the sunlight.

I love it as I love you.

Sue x


Thank you, Rebecca, for putting this effort together to help children in need in another part of our world. For without your loving heart we would not have known and participated in this cause. Art is created to bring a smile to someones face and when it is created to be auctioned off for a worthy cause it puts a smile on all of our hearts. Next year will be even better.


Every one of these artists is beautiful for what they do. And if I may be so bold, and with all due respect, they are beautiful to behold as well. Every one of them! I am hoping I can contribute next year. The past two years I have purchased a couple of pieces each time. My collection has taken up a corner of my room now. I gaze upon them every day. My lovely Maggie sits with them, and smiles.
Thank you, Rebecca, for all you do to help out the children. So many good causes in the world, the children always worthy of some atention when they are in need.

Peace to all


OMG! I almost forgot. 600th post??? That's amazing. What an accomplishment! Your poetry is always beautiful and I know it comes from your heart. Your art exquisite, as I have seen it up close and personal. I hope for your health and happiness and 600 more.

More Peace

Paula Scott: Molokai Girl Studio

All so very beautiful, these women are-inside and out. Full of the ability to nurture, love and give of themselves so generously. I am proud to be in their company!
A belated congrats too on numero 600!!

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