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August 28, 2011


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Magical Mystical Teacher

Thank you, Rebecca, for remembering those who are being swirled and twirled and lashed and splashed by Hurricane Irene!

Dawn Elliott

Indeed, the light is what we can all need to carry on, no matter what the circumstances. We must keep all those in the path of Irene in our hearts and minds, as some of us bask in our own safe paradise
elsewhere. Beautiful, touching post!

Sue Fox

Yes they have been on my mind too, I live in a flood area where storms make their way into my home, so I know how it feels!

Thankful for the safe haven here!

Sue x


You have captured the sacred in this mornings light. Joining you in sending the light and safe prayers to those who need it.

deb taylor

Oh what a breath of fresh, bright light today!


Beautiful morning glories and a thoughtful and heartfelt prayer for those in the wake of a very frightening storm. We all send our thoughts and energies of safety and protection to those who may be in any harms way. We ask that they find shelter, help succor and lovingkindness until this storm passes and afterward, any restoration that is needed.

Miss Robyn

my mothers name is Irene. I have to laugh at this.. but all are in my heart and prayers.. and surrounded with my beloved Angels and Saints. xo


Have been gone for a few days and had not heard, until just now, how Irene finally made landfall.

thinking of all those effected and sending healing thoughts.

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