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August 14, 2011


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Sue Fox

I love those colours of bee and sunflower in the last pic, so busy in the world of perpetuating a honeyed existence for us all - rather like you ;~)

Love Sue x

Dawn Elliott

I didn't grow my tiny field of sunflowers this year, and even though there are a few errant ones in the yard, I miss them! I totally adored your post honoring and picturing them in all their glory! Thanks!


Lush and gorgeous fruit of the sun. I love these flowers and Oliver's words. I remember seeing a whole field of sunflowers in the Loire valley after the rain, turning their heavy rain soaked faces all at once toward the sun's rich and vibrant light after the storm had passed. It was as if they were one organism, performing a single dance. You have given them new life again with these words and pictures.


Oh just beauty galore. Very nice Rebecca. Have a wonderul weekend.

Fran Meneley

Wonderful, Rebecca - LOVE the Mary Oliver poem and those glorious photographs. The sunnies just make my heart sing!! Thanks for adding me to your postcards today - I love everyone else's too!!! Truly paradise - xoxox

 encore...please of please

I want to run in a field of sunshine with you...chasing honey and blue skies!

Meri @ Meri's Musings

The sunflower is such a potent symbol -- we should all be programmed to always seek the light and then to shine it outwards.

Magical Mystical Teacher

I find sunflowers irresistible--as do you, Rebecca. What is there about these "common old things" that makes us look twice, and three times, and a dozen? Oh, there is magic hidden in those dazzling yellow petals, that's for sure!

sharon furner

Good morning is your sunshine day...your article will be posted in Art Saves Lives which I will check out soon. Most likely I am up to early for it to be posted!! Up with the sunflowers...I dearly love your Mexican sunflowers! I need to paint Mexican SF. I thought I had read every M. Oliver poem written. How in the world did I miss this one. Your photos match beautifully! That curious bee really stuck around for this photo op! My favorite is the parade of ants...why? I finally had to cut down our ten foot plus sunflowers..the storms had ravaged them and they were covered with ants. It was such a sad finale. And I have never seen so many ants, but they weren't cute like yours. I have saved the withered heads to take final pictures of..Then the seeds will be gathered and scattered for another day. I think I will toss some out into the fields surrounding us next spring. I wonder whether they will grow? Thank you for your words and pictures. smiles:sharon

missing moments

such beauty in your pictures!
and i love love love mary oliver!


Rebecca, thank you for visiting my blog and calling my attention here. I'd not heard of this Mary Oliver poem either. It's beautiful, as are your photographs. Just breathtaking!

"the long work of turning their lives into a celebration is not easy..."
- but we're trying to do that with Erin's short and beautiful life

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