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August 08, 2011


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thank you darlin - i appreciate your goodness and kindness more than you can know.

miss pie

it is an awesome post rebecca!!!... thank you for opening another door... another window.... i've never really painted sorta dabbed at it... her colors and thoughts appear as if floating on canvas... thank you..

sharon furner

When I saw the first photographs, I honestly thought you were surging ahead in plaster!! But then I read on. So kind of you to feature her on your blog, and for your readers to meet her. I hope her class is very successful. Are you going to participate?
You are a beautiful cheerleader and everyone can use some cheers on their behalf.
Smiles: Sharon


Her work is just beautiful! Happily settling back into my world here.

Miss Robyn

thankyou. I have been a fan of Katie''s for some time.. just reading her blog sometimes.. I put my name down.. maybe I will be lucky.. but if not, then maybe I will sign up anyway -


She is certainly as beautiful as her art -- thank you for sharing her and it with us!

Sue Fox

Yes I thought it could have been your work too, but then kindred spirits share the same 'hall mark' I think? Have not clicked yet........

Thank you my love,

Sue x


Katie's work is spectacular!! Thank you for sharing her talent!!
I like the image with the woman and the tree very much.
Hope you are well Rebecca!


Noelle Clearwater

Beautiful work, rebecca. Thank you for introducing us to it. Superb!


How lucky and joyful to find you. Beautiful post. Blessings

 encore...please of please

I want to get all painty fingers with you....

Cheryl's Excellent Adventure

gorgeous works of art

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