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August 31, 2011


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WOW!! what abundance and beauty here, hummingbird... you *and* your camera are stellar... xoxo


What sparking and joyful colors you share Rebecca! Great tomatillo photograph! I had lunch at an artist friends house today who used the same profusion of colors on her table and in her lunch menu. Colors make me happy.
Hope all is well!


Meri @ Meri's Musings

Oh Rebecca, the colors and textures and imagined smells in this post give me such deep pleasure. Thank you!


Are those top photos tomatillos? The writing and photos are breathtaking.


The squash blossoms are just beautiful!!! Just wonderful pictures!! Cathy

deb taylor

this makes me wanna dance naked thru your colorful garden in the dayLIGHT! Such a delicious display of JOY!


Look at those tomatillos!!! Such wonderful little packets of JOY!


Kim Mailhot

How shiny, shiny is this light you have shared. Thank you for that, Beautiful Rebecca.
I thought of you so many times yesterday. Each time you pop into my mind, I gather you up and surround you with love.
I know you feel it.
Love you...


and it is a beautiful harvest...

cynthia eloise



Gorgeous harvest, redolent with the sweet smells of your garden and the oncoming Fall Season. The colors and textures are pleasing to the eye and the mind.


such a glorious smorgasborg of color and deliglht : )


love the lighting on the photos :-)

Karen Gerstenberger

Oh, how usual, here. Thank you!

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